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You might need a tuk tuk

CAMBODIA | Monday, 14 May 2007 | Views [6345] | Comments [1]

Tuk Tuk Sir?

Tuk Tuk Sir?

You know what a tuk tuk is? A little trailer like thing with seats pulled along by a motorbike. They can be very handy for taking you to a temple a few kms away. And they are very handy for employing lots of local people. I counted 6,000 drivers in Siem Reap. And every single one asked me, "You want tuk tuk lady?"

Times when you can be asked if you need a tuk tuk include, but are not limited to:

every time you leave your guest house

every time you cross the road

when you are just stepping out of another tuk tuk

when you are eating dinner in a restaurant

when you are cycling down the road

when you are buying post cards

you get the idea. At least the only thing I was offered was transportation. James, the lucky thing, was offered may other delights like weed and sex. And the touts couldn't understand why he kept refusing them. They were all at very reasonable prices, with special discounts of course :)

Oh, and I just thought I'd mention the time when a wee girl, maybe 2 years old, left her mother and came running up to James to hug his leg as he was walking by. She didn't let go. Just swang along sitting on his foot. Her mother just laughed and waved goodbye.

We didn't keep her though. She would have been pretty heavy hand luggage.

PS A couple of days ago we found out that we got the English teaching jobs in Nice! So we're very excited and will be based somewhere in the Nice region from October to May 2008. Come and visit us!

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hi guys - you are on some adventure -- love how you did it and it must have taken guts -
I sort of did the same thing about 6 years ago and have not run out of steam yet - Now I am afraid to go back........... I just came to china and love it here but i miss south east asia -- Been to cambodia a few undred times now and laos and myanmar but i live in thialand in chiang rai and recognize some of the pics you took. I have a house in chiang rai so if you ever come back semail me.
You might try Dalian china or Yentai - nice places and not too bad for china.
Well good luck and if your looking for an english teaching job i can help you -- lots of contacts over the five years i have been a teacher here.
good luck -- robert st denis from the world
oh and i also went to New Zealand and loved it too

  robert anthony saint denis May 17, 2007 8:59 AM



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