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Trip: Morocco

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FRANCE | Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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MOROCCO | Thursday, 10 Apr 2008 | Views [6389]

Imagine a beauty salon/theraputic massage African style. That is a hammam. And that is my most enduring memory of my trip to Morocco with Mum and Dad. Well, it is right up there with Mum on a camel, a sandstorm in the Sahara desert and goats in the trees ... Read more >

The Morocco Express

MOROCCO | Wednesday, 9 Apr 2008 | Views [1324]

Marrakech had the same frenzied and laid back vibe that I felt in India. Stall holders followed us through the souk trying to close a deal on stuff we'd only glanced at. Bright colours eminated from everywhere: the amazing range of lamps, hand woven ... Read more >

No passports and we fly today!!

FRANCE | Friday, 4 Apr 2008 | Views [7195] | Comments [1]

Forget a wave of relief, the morning of the day we left for Morocco with Lyn and Alan it was more like a tsunami. We sent our passports to the Syrian embassy in Paris four weeks before then. The embassy states that it takes ten days to get a visa.   ... Read more >