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CHINA | Saturday, 11 Aug 2007 | Views [525]

When I heard there was a Walmart in Wuhan, I knew I had to take a look. I have seen McD's in lots of cities (in Wuhan too) and they are all the same. Even knowing this, I didn't imagine that the big American discount chain could do the ... Read more >

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looking for a bargain

CHINA | Saturday, 11 Aug 2007 | Views [507] | Comments [3]

  China is not what I expected. Wuhan and Beijing are just like any other metropolitan cities in North America but with a lot more neon lighting. There are tons of shopping malls with all the same products you'll find in the U.S. A few nights ... Read more >

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CHINA | Monday, 6 Aug 2007 | Views [750] | Comments [4]

these are so inexpensive! and when my student bargained for me, the price went even lower--from cheap to dirt cheap in a 15 second exchange of words. I bought American TV shows. I can easily rent dvds in Rome but not the TV shows, just movies.... Read more >

Tags: Shopping

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