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New Year's Eve in Watamu

KENYA | Friday, 3 Jan 2014 | Views [2493]

New Years Eve is an all-inclusive event at the Turtle Bay Hotel and fairly fully subscribed despite the £70 adult admission price. The buffet is massive and I can't begin to imagine the amount of work and stress that goes on behind the scenes to ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, kenya, malindi, nairobi, new years eve, traffic, turtle bay hotel, voi, watamu

Happy New Year from the Kenyan Coast

KENYA | Tuesday, 31 Dec 2013 | Views [838]

The last day of 2013 brings with it another perfect blue sky and a cooling breeze that blows off the sea and over the warm soft sands. Coconut palm fronds sway, rustling over our heads. The tide is out and sitting at Rosada in Malindi we watch people ... Read more >

Tags: kenya, new years eve, turtle bay, watamu. malindi

Christmas time in Malindi

KENYA | Saturday, 28 Dec 2013 | Views [1702]

Everything seems so much more powerful here after the gentle nature of Asia. Bolder, brighter, bigger. It comes as a surprise that fitting back into life here requires some adjustment. I suppose I had assumed that I would automatically feel at home. ... Read more >

Tags: christmas, driftwood club, halwa, kenya, malindi, shopping, snorkelling, souvenirs, watamu

Photos: Kenya

KENYA | Sunday, 22 Dec 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Kenyan Karibu

KENYA | Sunday, 22 Dec 2013 | Views [737]

I mentioned that Kenya was not on my original itinerary but what is a 20,000km detour when it provides the opportunity to return to your teenage homeland and spend the holiday season with friends who I count as my extended family. All that is missing ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, childhood home, coast, etihad, home, kenya, malindi, memories, von blixen, welcome

Good Morning Vietnam!

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 18 Dec 2013 | Views [1155] | Comments [2]

Ever since the film I have always wanted to wake up and be able to say that, trite as it may seem. On my first morning here, that is exactly what I do! Afterall, that's part of what travel is about. Being in a place you have only seen through someone ... Read more >

Tags: french influence, ho chi min city, ruby hotel, saigon, scooter traffic, vietnam

Photos: Vietnam

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 17 Dec 2013 | Photo Gallery

Ho Chi Min City
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Beach Life, City Lights

CAMBODIA | Sunday, 15 Dec 2013 | Views [1736]

Eleven months on the move and only now I am enjoying a real beach holiday! What was I thinking? This blog starts on a beach lounger on the beautiful beach outside of Papa Pippo's bungalows On Otres 1, Sihanoukville. Overhead branches of the large ... Read more >

Tags: bamboo island, beaches, cambodia, expats, otres beach, phnom penh, snorkelling

Photos: Cambodian Beach Life

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013 | Photo Gallery

Otres 1 beach
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South to Sihanoukville

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013 | Views [736]

Names of foreign towns and cities can seem so alien and irrelevant in our lives until something happens to put them on our radar. The obvious one when travelling is that it features on your itinerary. Barely a week ago I was struggling with strange Cambodian ... Read more >

Tags: asia, cambodia, clean beaches, otres beach, papa pippos bungalows, sihanoukville, snorkelling, volunteers

Fast Boat to Phnom Penh

CAMBODIA | Friday, 6 Dec 2013 | Views [735]

It's another early morning start as, after much deliberation, I have decided to take the speed boat to Phnom Penh (pronounced Pnom Pen). It was going to be an early start regardless as yesterday a wedding ceremony got underway two doors down. A marquee ... Read more >

Tags: cambodia, central market, fast boat, killing fields, olympic stadium, phnom penh, royal palace, wedding party

Sunrise in Siem Reap

CAMBODIA | Thursday, 5 Dec 2013 | Views [1609]

I am cold! For the first time in the six months since I left New Zealand I am actually really quite cold. It is 5am, dark and the tuk-tuk is buzzing along the road that leads to Angkor Wat. Along with hundreds of other tourists, we are heading to the ... Read more >

Tags: ankor wat, cambodia, humbling experience, ngos, one dollar, responsible tourism, siem reap, tanei guest house, unesco

Photos: Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 4 Dec 2013 | Photo Gallery

Siem Reap and Phnom Penh
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Photos: Bali Road Trip

INDONESIA | Monday, 2 Dec 2013 | Photo Gallery

Ubud, Lovina, Amed & Padangbai
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Healing in Ubud

INDONESIA | Monday, 2 Dec 2013 | Views [2698]

There are few places to rival the healing power of Ubud and some of its gifted residents. Similar to Pai, there is a very strong energy here and some healers will tell you that this enables them to achieve far greater results. There is every sort of ... Read more >

Tags: acupuncture, ecstatic dance, family constellation, healing, kinesiology, meditate, osteopath, purification, reiki, ubud

Bali Road Trip part II

INDONESIA | Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 | Views [747]

The heavy overnight rain drowned out the sound of the sea and so waking up to to the sun on the terrace was a definite plus. The day stretches ahead of us but suddenly moving on seems less appealing than during the planning stages. One of the things ... Read more >

Tags: amed, bali road trip, beach cafe, candidasa, gili views, impulse, mechanic, padangbai, snorkelling, snorkelling

Bali Road Trip part I

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013 | Views [1700]

Sunday arrives and we check out of Raka Homestay after ten happy days in a big airy room enjoying the daily use of their postage stamp swimming pool. Jana, who I met in Penang, has been staying and having seen the sights of Ubud, we are ready to venture ... Read more >

Tags: amed, bali, dolphins, lovina, road trip, snorkelling

So Darned Good in Ubud!

INDONESIA | Thursday, 14 Nov 2013 | Views [793]

I have now been here a little over a month and feel very much at home. I'm supposed to be leaving soon and heading for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia but a plan just doesn't seem to be coming together and so I take this as a sign and keep delaying! My ... Read more >

Tags: bali, clean beaches, homestays, sanur, ubud

Photos: Galungan & Lombok

INDONESIA | Saturday, 26 Oct 2013 | Photo Gallery

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From Balinese Galungan to Sengiggi, Lombok

INDONESIA | Saturday, 26 Oct 2013 | Views [1601]

The cool morning sea breeze is blowing softly over the black volcanic sands of Sengiggi beach. The sea is calm this morning with the smallest of waves gently tumbling over one another creating a rhythmic lullaby. The sun slides behind some of the thicker ... Read more >

Tags: bali, galungan, lombok, sengiggi

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