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Best Laid Plans...

THAILAND | Tuesday, 30 August 2011 | Views [531]

The first time I've ever missed Thailand transport was this morning.

You know, as I got there really early and checked in my ticket for my visa-run trip, I had a funny feeling that everything seemed just a little bit too easy...

"You come back ten fifteen for boat",

So I went and had breakfast somewhere just around the corner and went back around to the pier at 1015, fully expecting the boat to be there, leaving at 1030, because in Thailand they ALWAYS tell you to come back 15 minutes earlier than you need to be there.

Not this time.

My boat was sailing away. So now I'm taking the 'night method', because the 'good' night boat is running tonight, so the whole thing shouldn't be too bad. Now I've been through this routine before, I'm forewarned. I know that I'm going to get woken up at about 4.30am or 5am and then have to stand by the side of the road in the dark for half an hour with other similarly spaced-out westerners. So I will get on the boat as soon as I can, hopefully around 1030pm and go straight to sleep, before it even sets off, thereby maximizing my sleep-time.

I will make sure my mp3 player is fully charged with a good playlist loaded. I'll then spend the day plugged into that, watching the events of the day float by in a kind of detached haze - I often find this much easier than engaging fully with days like this, only engaging with people when I need to with the occasional grunt.

I'll try my best not to miss tonight's boat.

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