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RN volunteer trip to Uganda

First world decadence

BELGIUM | Tuesday, 1 Nov 2016 | Views [290] | Comments [1]

I arrived in Belgium yesterday. The first thing I noticed was my breath when I got off the plane. I definitely wasn’t in Africa anymore. I am going to miss the heat of Africa. I got myself to central station in Brussels where I threw my luggage ... Read more >

Siri Kwelabira (I will never forget you)

UGANDA | Sunday, 30 Oct 2016 | Views [316]

The month of October has taught me so much and changed me in ways. I have learned to let go and let God. We cannot control everything in life and sometimes we just have to throw our hands up, paste a smile on our faces and just live in the present moment.... Read more >

Bobbing for apples

UGANDA | Friday, 28 Oct 2016 | Views [281]

My month in Uganda has been a buzz of constant movement and activities. Today I allowed myself some time to relax. I delivered food to only two more houses in the early morning. The first house was a woman and her aged mother. The woman was on the list ... Read more >

A light in the dark

UGANDA | Thursday, 27 Oct 2016 | Views [272] | Comments [1]

Morning at Canaan is a perfect way to start your day out with a smile on your face and a hop in your step. As I cross the compound to our canteen everyone greets each other with smiles on their faces and the question how did you sleep? A sleepy eyed, ... Read more >

Fish and loaves of bread

UGANDA | Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016 | Views [272]

I am on cloud 9 writing this post! I woke up this morning and checked my emails, I immediately started out with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I saw the amount of support family and friends gave to our kids while I slept. I woke seeing a ... Read more >

My heart overflows

UGANDA | Tuesday, 25 Oct 2016 | Views [191]

My morning in Buziika never starts with a gentle wake up, slowly rubbing the sleep from my eyes and begrudgingly dragging my arse out of bed; instead it begins with Muslim prayers over a loud speaker at 5am, competing with the cock crow and the mad cow, ... Read more >

Photos: Murchison falls safari

UGANDA | Monday, 24 Oct 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Bring it on baboon

UGANDA | Monday, 24 Oct 2016 | Views [312]

I have mastered my aim with the death trap toilets here; they make short-calls while camping look like child’s play. This weekend involved a girl’s safari trip in northern Uganda. This part of Uganda is definitely better funded through tourism ... Read more >

Keep your head up

UGANDA | Friday, 21 Oct 2016 | Views [261]

My mom used to tell me that when you tried to do good, evil would inevitably try and dissuade you. I have witnessed this before and at times it has worked. I have let fear and doubt stop me from doing the good deeds I dreamed of in the past. Today I ... Read more >

Clean sweat

UGANDA | Friday, 21 Oct 2016 | Views [252]

I have sweated an inconceivable amount today; it is the rainy season yet so incredibly hot! (Thank God it poured last night so that the crops we have planted may survive to feed our children.) The shower I took last night was a complete waste; I had ... Read more >

A bartering experience

UGANDA | Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016 | Views [271]

Yesterday morning was a whirlwind. Immediately after breakfast Papa Isaac announced we would go in to Jinja that day to buy the food I needed for the 51 people. After getting money for the transaction I prepared myself for the hectic market with everyone ... Read more >

Let's do the math

UGANDA | Tuesday, 18 Oct 2016 | Views [233]

It was a lazy Monday here amongst the green and red in the sweltering heat. This is the rainy season but we have had no rain, so we sat on the road looking at the crops praying they would survive and water would come for them soon. As we sat, practicing ... Read more >

You raise me up

UGANDA | Monday, 17 Oct 2016 | Views [283]

The spirit of God is in the hearts of all the children and workers here at Canaan. As we washed clothing yesterday we practiced singing the song “you raise me up” there was so much commotion with the younger children running by and seeking ... Read more >

I stand in awe

UGANDA | Sunday, 16 Oct 2016 | Views [248]

This morning started out as a whirlwind of motion and work. The younger kids have Saturday off from school, which meant cleaning day. Everywhere you looked there was a child sweeping, moping, picking up and staying busy with doing their chores here at ... Read more >

African Woman

UGANDA | Saturday, 15 Oct 2016 | Views [219]

Uganda has taught me so much in such a short amount of time and has healed me in some ways. I do not feel the need to be on guard here. The people I live with and the children are so loving and genuine that all I feel is peace. Back in the states I do ... Read more >

Photos: Rafting the Nile River

UGANDA | Friday, 14 Oct 2016 | Photo Gallery

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For F*@k sake! Stay in the boat!

UGANDA | Friday, 14 Oct 2016 | Views [256] | Comments [1]

When Moses was a baby he was placed in a basket and floated down the Nile River; Leah, Morgan and I decided to take a little walk in baby Moses’ shoes the past two days. Yesterday we made a trek on the dusty red dirt roads from Buziicka to Bujugali ... Read more >

A concrete experience

UGANDA | Wednesday, 12 Oct 2016 | Views [235]

I have mentioned before how the children at the Canaan school do not have a cafeteria to eat in. Instead they stand outside rain or shine and eat their posho or porridge. Here at the center the kids eat their meals in their dorm rooms; this will not ... Read more >

Like a man!

UGANDA | Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 | Views [242]

The three muzungo’s have been working at tearing down the stereotypes the Ugandan’s have about American’s cush lifestyles. As I mentioned before Papa Isaac thinks it is hilarious that we are like men, because we are strong and not afraid ... Read more >

A mother's love

UGANDA | Monday, 10 Oct 2016 | Views [269] | Comments [1]

There are those of us who have been blessed enough to experience a mother’s love. That feeling that there is always someone on your side, that no matter what you do wrong you’re still loved. Think about the times you have ran to your mother ... Read more >

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