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RN volunteer trip to Uganda

We love you so much!

UGANDA | Sunday, 9 Oct 2016 | Views [206] | Comments [1]

I am hot, I am sweaty, I smell, my clothing is dirty, I can feel the dirt on my skin and the itch of elephant grass lingers, the shower won’t work again but I am happy! Today is Saturday so all the kids were home during the day except grade 6 and ... Read more >

Wake up and feel the Joy!

UGANDA | Saturday, 8 Oct 2016 | Views [210] | Comments [3]

 In the states I dread the morning, I don’t like talking before I have had a cup of coffee in me. At night I find it hard to sleep because I’m worried about finances, or what I should do next in life, what I have to buy at the grocery ... Read more >

Boda Boda when an ambulance just isn't exciting enough

UGANDA | Friday, 7 Oct 2016 | Views [204] | Comments [5]

I’m sitting in the quiet Canaan clinic in the early morning, going over the differences in our health care systems with the nurses there when the hum of a boda boda is heard entering the gates. We stand up and walk the few feet to the open front ... Read more >

Take me home red dirt road

UGANDA | Thursday, 6 Oct 2016 | Views [238] | Comments [1]

 After our time spent in the clinic, Morgan, Leah and I went for a walk to explore the village and see the farm that sustains our center. All the plants are green and thriving, a bright contrast against the red clay dirt paths and roads. There are ... Read more >

We clean on Wednesdays

UGANDA | Thursday, 6 Oct 2016 | Views [189]

When an American walks into a clinic or a hospital they expect to smell cleaning solution. To not see cobwebs, to see equipment that is up to date and rust free. If we do not see this we find someone to complain to. Then upon admission to a hospital, ... Read more >


UGANDA | Thursday, 6 Oct 2016 | Views [202]

Long-Call   Today began as day four without coffee; I do not know my arse from my elbow at this point. The cow outside our dorm still sounds like a man dying.   We decided to go in to the city in Jinja so that Leah and I could get ... Read more >

Please share this link!

UGANDA | Wednesday, 5 Oct 2016 | Views [121]


The Ultimate Camping Experience

UGANDA | Tuesday, 4 Oct 2016 | Views [200] | Comments [5]

Made it to the Canaan Health Clinic in Buziicka, just outside Jinja! I have no idea how to begin explaining this place. We will start with the ride out here from Mukono. There is life everywhere a constant show of people on the street, motorcycles driving ... Read more >

Goodbye comfort

UGANDA | Sunday, 2 Oct 2016 | Views [261] | Comments [2]

I have made it to Africa! After over 24 hours of traveling I landed in Entebbe where I was met by Doctor Basil and his wife, Doctor Alyce. The first thing that hit me as I exited the airport was the smell, you would think it would be putrid and rotten, ... Read more >

Photos: Uganda

UGANDA | Friday, 30 Sep 2016 | Photo Gallery

Volunteer trip
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Lets Do This!

USA | Friday, 30 Sep 2016 | Views [282] | Comments [3]

Today is travel day! I will be flying from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA to Amsterdam and then Entebbe, Uganda! No worries, it'll be a short day of just 21 hours in the air! I am well prepared thanks to all of you, and your generosity. I have a massive ... Read more >

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