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Photos: Vietman

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 9 Feb 2016 | By underthewire | Photo Gallery

Trip around Vietnam
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Getting start

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 9 Feb 2016 | By underthewire | Views [9]

I know everybody has different ways of getting started on their travels and here's how we did it.  I'll have to start back in Jan 2011 I found out I had a Glomus Jugular Tumour. Little did I know my life was about to change forever. Within a ... Read more >

Tags: brain tumour, breast cancer, glomus jugular tumour, hearing loss, paralyzed, radiation

Photos: Déjà la fin de notre mois au Vietnam!

VIETNAM | Monday, 8 Feb 2016 | By finally | Photo Gallery

Cette dernière semaine au Vietnam a été très intense en visites et aussi malheureusement très pluvieuse et froide. :-( HANOI Bien que nous ayons passé seulement 48 heures dans la capitale, nous avons pu voir beaucoup de choses grâce à notre Couchsurfing ... Read more >
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Tags: baie dhalong, corruption, dien bien phu, frontière, hanoi, laos, sapa, vietnam

Be Careful of Genies Too

JAPAN | Monday, 8 Feb 2016 | By kakimono | Views [18]

During Japanese class on Tuesday, we continued the pattern that had been established by Friday’s class. That is to say with Yamaguchi-sensei we continued to review grammar and the reading, then with Suzuki-sensei we talked some more so we could ... Read more >

Tags: grammar, japanese, reading, spirituality

Day 13 v2: Escuela!

NICARAGUA | Monday, 8 Feb 2016 | By excellentadventure | Views [13]

Chill session with Sally this morning. The body is really thanking me for it. Oh and the Jesus shake we had after that!!! HOLY MOLY it was the best thing I have ever tasted - well second to halumi. Chocolate sauce, peanut butter, almonds and milk. Hot ... Read more >

Photos: World Nomads Scholarship - Colombia 2015

COLOMBIA | Monday, 8 Feb 2016 | By colemanlowndes | Photo Gallery

An unbelievable trip deep along Colombia's Pacific coast
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Tags: beach, coast, colombia, fishing, pacific, sunset, surfing

Photos: Dubai 2015

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Monday, 8 Feb 2016 | By afro_travelista | Photo Gallery

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Colorado Ski Tour 2016

USA | Monday, 8 Feb 2016 | By alainc | Views [29]

Nous voilà réduit à Dillon depuis lundi le 1/2/16 après 2800 km en 21/2 jours de voiture. Très bonnes conditions de route, pas de neige de Toronto jusqu'a l'entrée au Colorado ou nous avons évité... Read more >


INDIA | Sunday, 7 Feb 2016 | By davidford | Views [33]

I was sitting in my room earlier today and reflecting on the last few days. The word 'rattled' came to my mind. Rattled as in fazed but also literally, as if something in my chest has been shaken loose and is bouncing around within the confines of my ... Read more >

Tags: beggars, enlightenment, peace, temples

Photos: David_photogallery_Bodhgaya

INDIA | Sunday, 7 Feb 2016 | By davidford | Photo Gallery

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