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The State of Vetran Menal Health in Australia

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By bessiebyrne | Views [5] | Video | Scholarship Entry

Each of us has a path to follow. We have different abilities, desires and capacities. I believe I have the capacity to be a great multimedia journalist. I'm passionate about reducing injustice, and along my journey I've discovered that the best way for ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Film Scholarship to Colombia

Nomadic Lifestyle

MONGOLIA | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By ono | Views [6] | Video | Scholarship Entry

My country is beautiful I want to show it for everyone. My goal is make movie for attract tourist and show different side of my country. I have small experience take and editing video. If you guys choose me it will be great opportunity for me. Thanks, ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Film Scholarship to Colombia

Stylish short hair pear head

USA | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By brazilianvirginhair03 | Views [7]

Sweet, pleasant, short hair, youth playful, sexy charm curls waves highlights the small woman full. With the gentle lady dress, standing beside the bride has not only failed to overshadow the light of the range of children lining showing more gentle ... Read more >

Tags: brazilian virgin hair

Fashion cat wig

USA | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By brazilianvirginhair03 | Views [7]

Express News According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on the 4th, wearing a Full lace wigs of the patent no longer human. Recently, in order to make themselves look more stylish cat, it is a popular British owners of their own baby cat ... Read more >

Tags: front lace wigs

Skiing in Yuzawa Kogen, Japan

JAPAN | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By vietnamesefood | Views [5] | Video | Scholarship Entry

I have an undying love for sun, sea, snow & sand; daring enough to try exciting new flavours and odd, even weird, food. I believe that beauty is expressed in one's face and i am able to take a selfie no matter the situation. I have mastered Instagram ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Film Scholarship to Colombia

Application of exhaust gas boiler for waste heat recovery

CHINA | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By fireboiler | Views [7]

Waste Heat recovery boiler system introduction:   Heat recovery boiler system named waste heat recovery boiler which are used to capture heat energy directly from a waste heat source like exhaust gas. The hot waste fluid passes around ... Read more >

Tags: website: waterfiretubeboiler.com/

Eiffel Tower

FRANCE | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By traveleze | Views [19]

La Tour Eiffel is one of the most instantly recognisable buildings anywhere in the world. It is located in one of the most famous and visited cities in the world and a great number of people ascend it every year.   Architecture: ... Read more >

Tags: eiffel tower, france, holidays, travel, travel blog, travelblog, travelblogger, traveleze, traveller, travelling


NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [9]

I'm not really a cat person but every chance she can get our cat Molly comes and sits on me, on the couch, on the bed... I give her her biscuits now and then and she gets a stroke down her back but other than that not much TLC from me as she is Kent's ... Read more >

The Aquitaine Region of France

FRANCE | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By traveleze | Views [120]

Aquitaine is one of the largest and most intriguingly varied of the historic French regions, stretching as it does from the foothills of the Massif Central in the north to the Spanish border to the south and incorporating a range of different landscapes, ... Read more >

Tags: holidays, the aquitaine region of france, travel, travel blog, travel blogger, travelblog, traveleze, traveller, travelling

Life, death and the space in between

INDIA | Monday, 3 Aug 2015 | By pjyogi | Views [47]

Just for a lark, I’ll pretend at being literary, and, as I’m in India, quote something from Midnights Children , the lone Salman Rushdie book I’ve read: “What’s real and what’s true aren’t necessarily the same.... Read more >