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Trip: India

There are [3] stories from my trip: India

The New India

INDIA | Wednesday, 14 Mar 2007 | Views [9616] | Comments [3]

I’ve now been in India for almost three months. It’s always been a favourite country of mine, a place that’s always been very good for the ‘WOW’ factor, always full of surprises. Even in the centre of the cities you can see people on the ... Read more >

Tags: Observations

Learning to cook Indian, in India

INDIA | Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007 | Views [6834] | Comments [5]

I really enjoy Indian food but had never considered cooking it at home; after all if I wanted to eat it, it always seemed easier to walk out to an Indian restaurant or pick up the phone and order a take away, than go to the trouble of making it myself.... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Security for Travelers - staying safe on the Road

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 24 Dec 2006 | Views [6208] | Comments [3]

Many travelers have some apprehension when they go abroad, especially if traveling alone for the first time. Despite what you may think from the media, most people’s trips are trouble free and violence against tourists is particularly rare. Of course ... Read more >

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