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Security for Travelers - staying safe on the Road

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 24 Dec 2006 | Views [6209] | Comments [3]

Many travelers have some apprehension when they go abroad, especially if traveling alone for the first time. Despite what you may think from the media, most people’s trips are trouble free and violence against tourists is particularly rare. Of course ... Read more >

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South Africa – the Backpacker Experience

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 23 Dec 2006 | Views [6206] | Comments [2]

For most of 2006 I have been traveling in South America as a backpacker and had enjoyed how easy it was to travel there. The quality of budget hotels was good and transport was affordable and mainly comfortable. In most cities I went around by ... Read more >

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Africa by Overland Truck

BOTSWANA | Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006 | Views [10434] | Comments [3]

I had heard several stories from travelers about the overland trucks that do the route from South Africa up to Kenya, and most of them were bad. They seemed to have spent their trip with people who spend most of the time drunk or were just noisy ... Read more >

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South America - the highlights

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 23 Sep 2006 | Views [13294] | Comments [4]

After nine months travelling through South America it is now time to move on, so I though a retrospective might be in order. Best Country It has to be Peru, a country with world class sights, mountains, great trekking and a well developed ... Read more >

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The Latin American Suicide Shower

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 7 Sep 2006 | Views [71739] | Comments [32]

Some areas of the world have particular things that define them, and although a good idea they are only found in one continent or region and nowhere else. This even applies to electrical appliances and for Central and South America one of the defining ... Read more >

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Traveling in South America - how much does it cost?

URUGUAY | Monday, 14 Aug 2006 | Views [52049] | Comments [31]

I last travelled in South America in 2006 so my entry is only a general guide to prices as they were then. Things may have changed greatly since I was there. For everyone who wants the most up to date information I can only suggest the Footprint guide ... Read more >

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The Salar de Uyuni for Inderpendent Travellers

BOLIVIA | Monday, 19 Jun 2006 | Views [11966] | Comments [6]

Uyuni is the kicking off point for trips into the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt pan in the world and a must on most visitors’ itineraries to Bolivia . The trip out to the lake also usually includes the dramatic landscape to the south of the lake, ... Read more >

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Visiting Colombia - some tips

COLOMBIA | Monday, 10 Apr 2006 | Views [13967] | Comments [28]

I spent three great weeks in Colombia in December/January 06. Here are a few tips for other travellers going that way. It´s a lovely country and well worth the effort. Travel was very easy, most towns have modern bus stations and lots of competition ... Read more >

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Why not try Colombia?

COLOMBIA | Monday, 10 Apr 2006 | Views [8398] | Comments [18]

I have been in Latin America since the beginning of the year and one Frequently Asked Question has been; which is your favorite country so far? And the answer has to be Colombia . Colombia , the name itself is enough to strike unease into most ... Read more >

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The Galapagos for Inderpendent Travellers

ECUADOR | Monday, 27 Feb 2006 | Views [12116] | Comments [9]

Going to the Galapagos is an expensive business and this tends to put many inderpendent travellers off going there, which is a great pity as it’s a fantastic place. There are ways to get around the expense and have a great time, this is how we did ... Read more >

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