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Stories This compendium of infrequently updated stories is my attempt to share some of the beautiful things that came cross my way.

Trip: Norwegian woods

There are [5] stories from my trip: Norwegian woods

Gallery: Norwegian Woods

NORWAY | Friday, 1 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

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NORWAY | Saturday, 26 Jul 2008 | Views [663]

We stayed at a lake that is the property of Jorund Valebjorg. He lives in Valebjorg. He owns a lot of the seas in the Holmvatn-area and is a very very firm and gentle farmer and fisher.. Settlers came only 200 years ago to that region, and his ancestors ... Read more >

Tags: nature, people

What we learned through nature

NORWAY | Thursday, 24 Jul 2008 | Views [629]

On a rock close to the sea you place your tent. You feel so free. (and could not have done otherwise for all the swamp around you!) The dragonflies swirl and mate chasing food, observing you. The look and ask "Who are you?" The ... Read more >

Tags: insight, nature, poem

From Norway with Love

NORWAY | Thursday, 24 Jul 2008 | Views [679]

"Go to that place, it's wonderful! It is my uncle's place", she said. Her uncle spoke "You can come and guide the people, and sell fish - not too much! Earn good money, and enjoy your time." We were so excited. We took ... Read more >

Thank you.

NORWAY | Thursday, 24 Jul 2008 | Views [810]

As you return from a lake where every now and then - like every month - a man comes and says "I like this nature here, please let me stay for some time in harmony, lightly touching the ground, humming "Don't be afraid, all is grace.... Read more >

Tags: nature, philosophy, poem