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A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

FINLAND | Monday, 28 Sep 2015 | Views [247]

On our day off Tara, Lea and I headed to Pyha- Luosto National Park. It is known as 'A hikers Paradise' with over 150km of marked routes throughout the national park (my sister would be so jealous!) We caught a bus to Pyha which is an hour north ... Read more >

Tags: finland, hiking, lapland

That time I worked in a Husky Farm

FINLAND | Friday, 25 Sep 2015 | Views [233] | Comments [1]

If you  asked me five years ago  today what I imagined doing with my life and I told you I was 60km North of the Arctic Circle in Finland and training my own Siberian husky sled dog team ,  I would have never believed you. But ... Read more >

Tags: finland, huskies, lapand

Aurora Borealis Extravaganza

FINLAND | Friday, 18 Sep 2015 | Views [152]

If you ever have the opportunity to go and see the Aurora Borealis, GO. Plz. Since I have arrived in Finland I have been constantly checking the aurora forecast. September is one of the best times to see the northern lights and after a couple of weeks ... Read more >

Tags: aurora borealis, finland, lapland

Hiking to the Midnight Sun

FINLAND | Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015 | Views [171]

When I arrived to Korvala I was staying with two other volunteers who I immediately bonded with. Kathleen from North Carolina and Rosie from Manchester. We all joked about the fact that an American a British and an Australian were all living together.... Read more >

Tags: finland, midnight sun, northen lights

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