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UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 22 August 2011 | Views [294]

Well hey there, since the induction a lot stuff happened, let me see if I still get everything together. We went to Edinburgh, how you can see at the pictures. Oh stop before that I had my free day and went shopping. Yeaaah^^

Well Daddy please don´t kill me, but I bought two pair of shoes xD but they were on sale^^ Besides that I know now were I can get cheap Toffiffe,just for one pound. I´m saved^^

Now we get to Edinburgh, I uploaded some pictures, it was actually really fun going there, we just walked around and watched a few street artists, but nothing special happened, you know you can´t do very much when you have to look after the residents, I mean we are helping them to have a great time not the other way round =). In the evening we went into the safari park and it was all muddy and dirty, but so much fun. We went down the slides in the dark and got stuck, because we all are just simply to fat for them^^

Next well was our Dvd day, I swear I was close before dying. We watched Mama Mia, Hitch and the Dark Night and nooooooo I haven´t seen these movies already a several times. So I just fell asleep on the couch and was like really really tired. That was on Friday I think. Later I just went online, as usual.

Yesterday we went shopping to Stirling and you know me, don´t you^^ well I found some really cheap books and can´t wait till I find the time to read them. Mom I have to warn you, I´ll probably going to sent a box with books back to Germany next year^^ Well besides that we didn´t do anything anymore and where just sitting in the living room and waiting, till we finally got leave. And it took forever till we got off work-.-

So as soon as we were finished I dashed under the shower and got ready, because it was our night out. Well I barely made it.We went into Stirling and we went into this Gay Bar, but it was actually pretty cool, because we got some really cheap drinks there. After wards we went dancing, in the only freaking club in whole Stirling, but it still was fun, just because watching Mike dance is like the best and funniest thing ever. He is so nuts ;) We were having a really good time =)

Now Sunday don´t ask me what we did I honestly don´t remember xD

Monday was the first “real” work day. Means standing up at 7, setting the table, having breakfast, going to the morning assembly at 9 am and than straight to the work shops. Well morning assembly is like saying hello to everybody and singing something, but now please imagine a choir were not one right tone is sung, like I swear every cat could sing better, they just shout the words out and all of them with their own melody, not nice for the ears.

Monday I always have basketry and well that´s kinda fun, but the house leader took me than along to pick my resident up. I can´t and won´t say much about her online, but she is as far as I know till now, very cute and work was not difficult yet. But yeah never trust to much peace, she also can do a great deal herself, she is just a little princess who loves it when others do the work for her. Well I guess we are kinda similar, we both love shopping, are lazy and are always sleepy in the mornings.

Well now I finally met her, we had lunch later and after that I went to my Estate work shop, nooooooow please, I want to change xD I had to put on a green whateveryouwanttocallit-suit and shows that were like 4 sizes to big. I looked like a freaking clown xD And I don´t have to mention that I am not really fond of Garden and Outside work. Another Co-Worker, won´t say names, just ran up to me and had to take pictures of me in my sexy stupid outfit-.-

Next day, I was showed my morning routine, not to bad, just putting in the contacts drives me insane, I just can´t really do it-.-

After morning assembly (yeah musical suffering, again xD ) I had bakery and that is actually fun, because there I´m not just standing around but really can do something. Just the leader is making fun of me all the time xD well he is making fun of everybody, but I guess that will be interesting^^

Wednesday I had induction, agaaaaaaaaaaaain about non-agressive conflict training. Means as much as what to do if somebody here goes nuts, how to handle critical situations and how to protect yourself and everybody around you. And no it´s not like I did that before in Germany-.- Well let´s say most of it I already knew, some parts were interesting and good to learn, all in all I would have found even Estate more fun xD

Most of us were either sleeping with their eyes open or looking stuff up on the internet.

And it took freaking two hours away from my free day-.-

Ahhh yeah free day, well mine is usually Thursday, but guess what? There was an induction too, but at least an interesting one, about what to do in case of seizures, how to give medicine and so on =)

Afterwards Lee and Alan, who were taking the walking group out, picked me up at the bus stop and gave me a ride into Stirling, from where I went to Edinburgh, to the fringe. I watched a show, like 5 steps to be German, well and it was really good, because everything he said was just so true, I loved it. And let´s say all in all that was a really great day =), if we look away from the fact that I had to walk back in the dark, while it was raining and the stupid cows were standing in the middle of the road, so that I had to walk around them, through the mud and I don´t wanna know what else-.-

Friday, I had woodwork, which is actually fun, just got a scare because one of the buys cut his finger, and didn´t even notice, just when we pointed out that he was bleeding xD Luckily it was no deep cut, nothing dramatic, but still not a very nice experience.

After that we had to help to do the House clean up. Now please imagine, I´m actually cleaning, washing dishes, cooking and help with the household stuff. I think I must have been crazy to choose this place here xDDD

Saturday, yeaaaah what shall I say, we went for a wee walk, which was nice to see, than to McDonalds(yeaaaah^^ fastfood :P ) afterwards we bought a cake and watched a movie. Nice, relaxed day.

Yeaaaah and than the Co-worker Party came, but that you probably have already read, is the entry before this one :P

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