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Treezy's Travelling Tales and Tantalising Tidbits

And so we come to the end

ARGENTINA | Friday, 16 Oct 2009 | Views [446]

I'm home. Just got back a few hours ago after what felt like a long time, and I guess was, although South American buses are all so long, it was comparable with those distances (time wise anyway). And so, my last few days in Buenos Aires were great.... Read more >

Waterfalls and the Circus

ARGENTINA | Monday, 12 Oct 2009 | Views [548] | Comments [3]

So I got to Puerto Iguazu, a little town with a big beautiful waterfall. Although it borders 3 countries (Brazil, and Paraguay also), the Argentinian side is supposed to be the best. And it was incredible. Absolutely majestic waterfalls, bigger than ... Read more >

MIddle Earth

ECUADOR | Friday, 9 Oct 2009 | Views [1511]

So it seems that Middle Earth isn't just for the hobbits. It is also, more literally the middle of the earth. As in the equator line. It was one thing that I wanted to do while I was in Quito, and it was a great day! A huge number of us (9 in total) ... Read more >

Gallery: Ecuador

ECUADOR | Saturday, 3 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Peru

PERU | Saturday, 3 Oct 2009 | Photo Gallery

See all 11 photos >>

Hanging out with the hippies

ECUADOR | Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009 | Views [1347] | Comments [3]

Hello there,well this entry brings me into the Ecuadorian capital. I met this hippy chick in Cuenca a few weeks back, and she has been travelling through South America for 2 years, in a van playing music and selling bracelets to keep going. We got on ... Read more >

Rivers and Monkeys

ECUADOR | Saturday, 19 Sep 2009 | Views [546] | Comments [1]

So I am in Tena at the moment, a dusty little jungle town overlooking the Amazon. I had decided before I got here that I wanted to do some rafting, but it is low season here at the moment, and so there were no trips going for the next day. I amused myself ... Read more >

Another Sanctuary and my getting older day

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 16 Sep 2009 | Views [704]

I´ve been out of touch the last few weeks, because I have been volunteering in another sanctuary, this one very close to the Amazon jungle near a small town called Mera. The sanctuary, Merazonia ( http://www.merazonia.org/drupal/?q=home ) couldn´t ... Read more >

End of Peru and into Ecuador

ECUADOR | Sunday, 30 Aug 2009 | Views [389]

So after Cusco, I hightailed it up to Ecuador. To be honest, I wasn´t hugely impressed with Peru. I loved Arequipa and Machu Picchu but the whole feel of the place is in your face tourism. They see you are walking dollar signs and you really do feel ... Read more >

Cusco and Machu Picchu

PERU | Saturday, 22 Aug 2009 | Views [491]

Ok, so in the last entry I wrote how I like Arequipa for it´s subtlety and lack of pushy tourism like there was a little bit in Puno for Lake Titicaca. Well Cusco is a completely different kettle of fish. It is a really pretty town, but immediately ... Read more >


PERU | Monday, 17 Aug 2009 | Views [456] | Comments [2]

Well I just left Arequipa after spending 10 days there. It was a great city and a great hostel, so I stayed. Although by the end I had definitely outstayed my own welcome, I stayed for the 450th birthday celebrations of the city which was great fun.... Read more >

Lake Titicaca Part two

PERU | Monday, 10 Aug 2009 | Views [481]

Ok, so I gave it another chance. Not the town, because I still think that´s a bit rubbish but the lake. And I´m lad I did. I went on a tour out to the lake. This side was very different to the Bolivian side. For starters, the lake was filled with reeds ... Read more >

Back to La Paz, and Lake Titicaca

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 4 Aug 2009 | Views [490] | Comments [1]

It´s been a while since I last updated anything on here. The reason is I haen´t really done too much of note. Finally left the sanctuary just over a week ago, and decided to spend a few days in La Paz. It ended up being a week, after I was so sick that ... Read more >

La Senda Verde Animal Sanctuary

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 14 Jul 2009 | Views [965] | Comments [3]

I´m here ( www.sendaverde.com ) and it is beautiful. Imagine waking up in semi rainforest at the bottom of a gorgeous valley every morning to Mackaws and then spending your day, feeding and playing with the animals. It is pretty special. I never ... Read more >

La Paz and Coroico

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 7 Jul 2009 | Views [457] | Comments [2]

Well, I spent a day in a hostel in La Paz, just spent recovering and sleeping (I had felt incredibly terrible in Uyuni) so I needed the space and time. After that I moved to this couchsurf spot in La Paz which was amazing. Basically this kiwi girl and ... Read more >

Salt lake adventures!

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 2 Jul 2009 | Views [573] | Comments [1]

Day 3 saw us have a little bit of a sleep in (8am) and then we were back on the road. The highlight for me came when we saw our first glimpse of a salt flat. It looked exactly like snow and the effect was otherworldly. On the third night we stayed ... Read more >

Lakes, lakes, more lakes and flamingos!

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 2 Jul 2009 | Views [532]

Day two saw us begrudgingly get out of bed at 4am! Not a particularly nice start to the day. But we were happy we had when we got to our lunch spot. It was a hot spring in the middle of nowhere and it was lovely to sit in for a while. Today we saw the ... Read more >

Stuck in the mud

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 2 Jul 2009 | Views [747] | Comments [1]

So Thursday last week saw me getting in a jeep for a four day trip from Tupiza. Tupiza is a nice wee town, very wild west and is where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid came to their demise (or very near). I watched the movie to celebrate being in ... Read more >

Gallery: Bolivia

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 2 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Getting into Bolivia

BOLIVIA | Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009 | Views [530]

(belated entry - actually wrote this about a week ago) So I´m in Bolivia but not without a little bit of trial and error. My bus didn´t leave until midnight on Monday, and so the hostel kindly let me wait inside the hostel. It was all good and in ... Read more >

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