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Climbing with the Froggies in Ton Sai

THAILAND | Tuesday, 20 November 2007 | Views [1116]

I know that I haven't written in a while, but I have been busy busy busy having the time of my life. A lot has happened (more than I care to write and definately more than you care to read) so I will try and some it up in a few stories. As usual the grammar will be horrible and it will be filled with typos. But Journalism degree be damned. I am just spitting it out, so bear with me

My last days in Pai were great. We rented motorbikes and rode around the countryside, stopping for gas and a coffee in a really nice village about 20 minutes from Pai. I pretty much spent the days lounging around the guesthouse - a bunch of bamboo huts, with some cushions and a TV to watch movies -, visiting waterfalls, being attacked by mosquitos at the hotspring and chatting with randome travellers. It is realy a great atmosphere, because even after only a few days, you can sit and have a coffee and recognize everyone that passes by (most of whom will stop and have a coffee with you.

On the 15th, David and I headed to Krabi, which was a nightmare. We took a 3 hour mini bus to Chiang Mai then a flight to bangkok. The flight was delayed so we missed our flight in bangkok. The low-budget airline (air asia so don't fly them) said that even though it was their plane that was delayed, we couldn't get a refund for the flight. So, we took a 12-hour night train to surathani and then a 4 hour bus to krabi. I got my 3rd rabies shot and then we got a boat to Ton Sai.

Ton Sai is absolutely perfect. It is a little beach that is filled with Climbers. The deep water is a dark emerald green, but when you get to the beach it becomes a really clear aquamarine. All around are huge cliffs (hence the climbers) and the accomodation is prett much bamboo huts and chill beach bars. There are low-key beach parties everynight, but mostly we just hangout and have a few beers on the beach. I am really happy that we came here, b/c everywhere else is really resorty. Here it has a good energy and only a hundred or so people. It is perfect. And since everyone is a climber, there is a warm and friendly vibe.

We found a pretty cheap place and met up with david's friends (the other froggies). We have pretty much been climbing and snorkeling all day and chilling out at night. I have had a great time climbing, I'm definately going to buy some equipment and practice as much as I can in sydney. And it is perfect, b/c the boys have loaned me all the equipment, and they are really patient with me, so it has been a great learning experience. There is nothing like climbing up a 3 story cliff hanging over a rocky patch of the beach. It's truly amazing.

Today I took a break from the climbing and took a day trip to do some snorkeling around Koh Phi Phi. It was definately a highlight. The water around Phi Phi was Royal Blue. The beaches were white and soft and the water was crystal clear, so you could see the little fishes swimming around your feet.

And it was here that I experienced my first real snorkelling trip. We jumped off the boat into literally a tornado of fishes. It was like a swirling mass of yellow, blue and orange. When I made my way through, you could see coral reefs of every colors and the whole cast of Nemo along with some other amazingly colorful, and large, fishes.

As it always does, life continues to work itself out. I have been thinking about leaving the froggies and heading to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. And as luck, and life, would have it, I met a Brazilian girl (Mariana) who is heading there tomorrow too. It'c crazy how easy it is to meet people. Even though I am travelling alone, I seem to have company all the time. It's nice, b/c you have people around when you want, but alone time as well. I will definately continue travelling solo in the future.

So yes, me and mariana are leaving for Koh Phangan tomorrow night, and i think the froggies will join a bit later. I am going to put my pics on facebook, b/c it is toom much to try and put them in both places. I will put a story up here that has the links for everyone who isn't on facebook so you can check them out.

Oh and I just extended my ticket to give myself another week. Not sure how i'll afford it, but whatever...i'll just find a beach and seat fried rice all day:) So i will be back to sydney on the 7th of Dec.

Also I think I may have landed a job working on boats in the south of france for the summer...a whole new adventure to ramble on about!

Tout Suit.

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