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UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 9 February 2008 | Views [824]

Transcontinental - don't ask me what it means exactly, but in this case I'm applying it to the plane trip EmJ and I took last night.  *yawn* 

After we had said our goodbyes to Hong Kong(the city on which I have bestowed the title "City of Paradoxes") that consisted of a trip up to Victoria Peak and a meander through Hong Kong Park, EmJ and I headed out to the airport for our flight. We left Hong Kong at 11:50pm and headed over China, Russia and Germany before swinging down to London.

Our plane got in at 4:50am London Time, so EmJ and I were stumbing around the Tube system for two hours(by the time we got out of the airport) to book into our hostel at a respectable 7:00am in the morning.

I must say at first apperances we where very happy to note that Princes Square(which is where the Central Hostel is) is quite a decent place, and thankfully our room turned out the same.  Even though you have to climb Mt. Never-rest to get there... Three flights of 'carpet to your nose' stairs.

The Las Vegas Hostel in the Chung King Mansion, Hong Kong, although in a dodgy area was clean as a whistle, because everything was tiled!  However, you didn't have enough room to swing a cat, let alone fit two women in with their shopping.  We seriously had a foot between our beds which where jammed in after the squeeny and I do mean squeeny toilet/shower/sink compartment.  However, it was quite a nice place to stay.

Central Hostel I am glad to say, only seems better still.  We have a window(with a veiw!  Of the street to be sure, but better than the building you could reach out at touch in, you guessed it, HK), and there is enough room to swing a cat.  Or even an 18 kilo pack which is currently the weight of my said bag...

EmJ and I haven't explored London yet, the first thing we did when we checked in was sleep.  However, when we did get up to expiriance our first taste(besides the sun rise we saw this morning) we went out and discovered that the city where we are staying is old and beautiful and has an entirely different feel to any other city I have known.  Of course, my expiriance is limited with this sort of thing, but I do think that cities take of the life of the inhabitants and visa versa.  There is a soul to each city, a breath that lingers in the streets. 

I haven't found out the style of this one yet, but I will.  Sydney is a lump within itself, kind of like an amboeia(spelling?? Does anyone know what I mean?), where as Melbourne is just one word - quirky.

Canberra is very country clinical.  I know that sounds like an oximoaron, but think about it.  The people that live there all know each other, and everyone knows someone who knows someone else - just like in the country.  That's the feel of Canberra, where as the look is clinical - studied and purpously beautiful.  Everything is organized, which is how it is supposed to be.  But enough rambling of cities, I think that is all I have to really say.  We have relaxed over the last few hours, simply because we are still exhuasted from the late nights, time changes and the thirteen hour flight. 

I will check back into to let you all know how London progresses.


P.s. - The Tube is confusing and no matter what anyone says, I think the MTR system in HK is better.

EmJ here - London! I love it! (At least what I've seen so far.) I agree with b. that the HK MTR is better so far as transport goes, but London is a beautiful city. Unlike HK, I could see myself living here for a year or so (Mum, don't panic, I'm just saying). The buildings are beautful. We have two huge cathedrials on the same block as us and we can hear the bells from our room.

The Central Hostel is cool, it has funky paintings all up and down the walls but (as previously mentioned) the stairs are not a lot of fun.

Tomorrow we head off to explore the markets and Hyde Park then on Sunday we're going on a a hop-on, hop-off tour.

As for today, let me say this - UGH! Jetlag is a pain in the ass! All I've wanted to do today is sleep, ZzZzZzZ! Didn't do it though. I had around 2 hours on the plane and another 3ish when we arrived. Spent the morning wandering around and the avo watching movies. b. and I are off to find dinner and will be heading straight to bed after that! YAY, BED!!!!

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