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My Long Awaited 'Round the World' Trip

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Taken in the UK just before heading back to SA in Feb 2008

Taken in the UK just before heading back to SA in Feb 2008

I am a 35 year old, very very vegetarian (not vegan but near enough for all the mission), independent gal from South Africa kind of living in the UK.  I am very pro eradicating poverty and HIV/Aids, animal and human rights, fairly traded goods & the environment.  I am just dying to travel as I have dreamed of this since I was sixteen and have finally decided to jack in the initial year long travel plans (the money just never seems to get saved) & go for a shorter 8 months instead & do Oz, New Zealand & SE Asia.  South America will have to wait for a second trip hopefully :)  

Have now done Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia & am now in Thailand.  I have just had the best time ever and would just love to keep going but alas my time will soon be up.  I have another month or so in Thailand and then about 40 or so days for Vietnam and Laos & then home I go.  It all depends how long my money lasts as the British economy is not doing very well at the moment and the pund has weakened substantially so I am sure that I will not have enough time to do the full trip but will perhaps have to lose Cambodia.  Shall see how I do as I go along,  Hoping that is the only casualty and if so then so be it.  It too will have to wait for next time. 

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