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Sorting out Visas in KL

MALAYSIA | Friday, 9 January 2009 | Views [362]

As I said previously, the main reason I was in KL this time was to get my Thai Visa sorted.  I got up at about 8/8.30 to have a drizzly shower (the water was still not fixed) before the shops got going and took all the water away which was not a major issue as I didn't need to wash my hair so any kind of running water was fine.  I had a nice peaceful leisurely breakfast (no need to rush as I only had to get to the embassy by 11.30 so if I left at 10.30 I would be fine) & then got all the necessary stuff (I had sorted photos the night before) for the embassy and headed off in the baking heat to the embassy which took about 45 minutes in total via 2 trains and about a 20 minute walk.  As the rapid transport lines are all owned by different comnpanies they don't link so you have to change & walk to a different line & buy a different ticket.  Of course the best thing about the trains is that they are air conditioned so you at least get to lower body temperature every now and again.

I got to the embassy at 11.15, filled the documentation in that I needed and waited about 30 minutes to get it processed.  The waiting area was also air conditioned so waiting 30 minutes was no issue whatsoever as I got to cool down again.  After everything had been processed I headed back out in the sweltering heat to trek back to the Hostel where I met up with Mandy and decided that we were going to go against everything backpacker and spend the afternoon in the nice airconditioned Pavillion Mall bumming around the shops and watching a movie.  The only movie available was Yes Man with Jim Carrey which would not have been my 1st choice of movie given that I had only been to 1 in the last 5 months but unfortunately the choice was limited and it actually turned out to be a nice, funny, fluffy, happy ending movie.

After the mall I went off to check emails and Mandy went back to the hostel and then went back to our Vegan restaurant for some more delicious, healthy food and then back to the hostel for a chat to our room mates before bed.  The water was now all fixed and happy which meant showers, going to the loo etc etc were all good.

Had a nice lie in on Friday, got laundry sorted, had a bite to eat and went off to hopefully pick up my visa at 1.30pm.  Taking from about 1.30 to 3.30 to get sorted it was a bit of a nuisance but as I had no plans for this little trip to KL it was fine.  I met up with the English couple that I had travelled up to KL with at the embassy who were doing the same thing as me so I had a little chat.  We all got our visas but then had to wait in the embassy grounds for 10 minutes as we were locked in while a Gaza demonstration went past all the embassies.  I had seen a whole bunch of cops outside the British embassy (which was the 1st embassy of many on the street) when I walked past and did wonder what that was all about.  It was a peaceful demo with nothing more than shouting so we just had to wait for them to pass before we were let out.

The British couple wanted to watch a movie so they came back with me to where I was staying so that I could direct them to the same mall that Mandy and I had been to the previous day.  I said ta ra and did a mamoth internet session until my stomach told me no more & went back to the hostel to drop my stuff and go for dinner but as I was walking past the TV area I saw that the guy was watching Michael Clayton which was a movie that I wanted to see and as it had just started I asked if he would mind restarting for me which bless him he did.  As dinner was not an issue I just bought some crisps from Hazdy and had a box of Pringle type crisps instead.  Really healthy I know :-)


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