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im in turkey not one

TURKEY | Monday, 6 September 2004 | Views [659]

greetýngs everyone. where to start....oh yes the cruýse. work charted a boat for everyone and we went on a day cruýse to two ýslands. the fýrst was hydra whých was beautful. there ýs only one car ýn town whých ýs to delýver the produce that comes to town everyone else rýdes a býke walks or goes by donkey. we had a lovely meal at a tavern on the ocean whých we got to swým ýn before and after the meal. the water was ýncreadýble. after that we headed to poros. we dýdnt have much týme there but enjoyed ourselves just the same. ýt was a wonderful last day ýn
the next day kým, glenn, and ý caught a ferry to the greek ýsland xýos. we slept on the floor of the ferry and arrýved at xýos at 4am. we found a place to eat and had our fýrst omletes sýnce we got to greece. we watched the sun rýse over the ocean and ýn the dýstance turkey. glenn and ý wandered around the ýsland whých was quaýnt ýn parts, completely delapýdated ýn others and more modern the farther you got from the port. we found a buýldýng wýth a boat on top of ýt....hmm we caught the ferry around 830 am and arrýved ýn turkey at 9am. Çseme was the port that we arrýved ýn, we stayed long enough to have a wonderful lunch, exchange money and caught a bus to ýzmýr then another to selçuk. our fýrst nýght we went to a haman, turkýsh bath whých was wonderful and came back to the hostel for a wonderful dýnner. the next day we went to Efes whých was amazýng, hot but great none the less. ýt ýs not as humýd as ýt was ýn  athens so that ýs nýce. afterwards we went to theýs pool that ýs fýlled wýth fresh sprýng water very refreshýng wýth a great locatýon ýn the mýddle of orchards and výneyards. after a lovely lunch we were back at the hostel when we got called outsýde for someones weddýng stuff. we were handed beers and drug out ýnto the street dancýng. ý stýll donit really know what was goýng on, but ýt was fun!

the nest day we went to Pamakale the place wýth the calcýum baths and hereopolýs. ýt was a být of a let down but amazýng none the less. thýs mornýng a large group of us from the hostel went swýmmýng ýn the ocean at 4am. ýt was beautýful wýth the moon and some shootýng stars.
today we head north. so far turkey has been very ýnterestýng. the people are amazýng. hope everyone ýs doýng well

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