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A Whistle Stop Tour of Oz, then on to Christchurch, New Zealand.

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 29 June 2008 | Views [964] | Comments [4]

Hellooo out there!

Arrived in NZ last Wednesday, Christchurch on South Island to be precise. Was lovely to be met by my friend Karen, who emigrated here with her family nearly two years ago. We used to work together at Exeter Friendly Society. I'm staying with her, her husband Mike and their two boys Jack (8) and Thomas(4). It's been a real nice change to see come familiar faces and have some company. Plus, not having seen them since they left its also been great to catch up.
Its Winter here so looking forward to seeing some snow up in the mountains. We've got some pretty wet weather for the weekend, though that's ok because I've been so lucky so far and its quite nice to have an excuse to stay indoors and do not alot. Actually we've all just been to see Kung Fu Panda. It was realy good. Been on a bit of a cineam frenzie since I hit civilisation again! Saw Sex & City twice and also went to see Narnia - Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones! So I guess I missed the flicks more than I expected!
I had a fab time in Oz, spent 5 days in Brisbane exploring the city, going to the museums and art galleries and generally just easing back into the real world after SE Asia/Indonesia. Then headed to Sydney.

I managed to cover most of the city during my time there (nearly two weeks). Saw the bridge, climbed the pylon thing on the bridge, travelled over the bridge etc! Saw the Opera House and went to see Hamlet in one of the theatres there, which was awesome. Had a nice glass of red in the Opera bar overlooking the harbour beforehand. I also made it to Bondi and the beaches around (walked 25km that day), Darling Harbour, The Rocks (all famous areas of Sydney) and took a ferry to Manly. I saw koala bears, galahs, cockatoos, wombats and possums! I even made it up into the Blue Mountians, so I really managed to do quite a bit.

Of course the highlight was going to Palm Beach (aka Summer Bay) where Home & Away is filmed. It was so beautiful (much better for me) than the beaches closer to Sydney because it is more rugged and wild, less bult up/'man made' and I went back there on my last day. They were actually doing some filming but I couldn't really get close enough to see what was going on and its so long since I've managed to watch Home & Away so I couldn't really make out anyone I recognised - but it was still a little exciting nevertheless!

I did get a picture of the surf club though and ook some pics of me messing about on the beach. I also picked up a few bit of souvenir driftwood (don't laugh ... and don't tell customs either coz its a bit of a no no :os)!
I'm just working on my plan of action for NZ now. Mike is pretty confident that I can easily get some work here so will keep you all posted on that.

I've only got enough money to last a couple more months so I really need to get a job to keep the travels going. I have only seen a little bit of Christchurch, but it all looks good so far.

Can't wait to get up into the mountains though and start exploring middle earth and the shire - plan to start hobbit hunting as soon as the rain stops!  There's so much to do here of the outsdoorsy persuasion and some fantastic scenery that is as good in Winter as Summer so I can't wait to get cracking. I think whale watching and dolphin watching are going to be first on the list of must sees. Though I do feel very at home with Karen, Mike and the boys - they have a WII and singstar for the PS2!!!! :o) Oh, and Karen made the most fantastic roast dinner today, my first since leaving Blighty :o) roast beef, yorkshires, roasties - the real works! It was awesonme! I'm being very spoilt and may never leave ... shhh don;t tell Mike & Karen!

Another amazing thing happened today. A minor miracle of sorts. I discovered that the photos I thought I had lost had not been deleted from the memory card for my camera. So I've got them all back. Someone up there is really smiling down on me at the mo, I feel like a right lucky bag!

Well, I think that's it for now. Going to make a couple of calls then get my hot water bottle and head for my bed. I have a new book on the go - The French Lieutenant's Woman - never realised it was quite so racey - don't get me wrong its no Jackie Collins but its not Jane Austen either! I only started reading it coz a)it was a swapsy and b)it's set in Lyme Regis! Anyway, I digress! I shall stop waffling nd sign off!

TTFN, enjoy the English Summer, ah Wimbledon, strawberries and cream teas, fish 'n' chips on the beach, you lucky devils! See there are things that I miss!


PS Thanks again for all the comments. Its nice to know that you are still interested in my wanderings and ramblings! Actually, I'm quite impressed at the number of views I'm getting! 

PPS Still need to find somewhere else for the masses of pics I've got of OZ but have managed to upload  few for you!



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Nicky, glad you are still having a fab time. Sex and the City was obviously good I take it? Weather here has been very hit and miss, so you are probably having more sunshine than we are at present. Good luck on the job front - I'm sure it won't take you long to get back into the realms of the employed. Keep up the narrative - I feel like I'm having a virtual holiday myself! Emma x

  Emma Walters Jul 7, 2008 8:39 PM


Hi Em, good to hear from you.

Hope you, Rob and the girls are all ok.

You will probably all think me very sad, but I thought Sex & City was brilliant - well worth the wait! If you were a fan of the tv show you will like the movie, but it is a complete chick flick so guys be warned if your other half tries to drag you along!

We're having a bit of a mixed bag with the weather. It's bloomin freezing at the mo - but I guess being Winter you'ld expect that. Went sledging in the mountains on Sunday as there's been a good dump of snow on the higher ground.

Will try and do a proper update later this week.


  smileynix Jul 8, 2008 7:30 PM


Hey, I love reading all your updates! I cant believe you climbed the Harbour Bridge, were you not scared? Im terrified of heights! I thought you were meeting Karen in Thailand for some reason, maybe that was another friend. How long are you spending in NZ then? Is that the last place you are going to? x

  Louisa Jul 18, 2008 7:12 AM


Hi Nicky

I've just logged onto your website and wanted to check your ok. Can't see any updates since June!

Quick catch up - Lucy and I are both pregnant! So, two out of four of the team will not be here for most of 2009 (Didier of course cannot conceive, despite what he says).

Ugly Betty has just started again, so that's my fix. Never got around the SATC, but will watch it once it's out on DVD.

Anyway, hope you are ok and having a fantastic time.

Take care.

Emma x

  Emma Walters Sep 18, 2008 12:53 AM

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