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Notes From A Small Island!

THAILAND | Friday, 4 April 2008 | Views [572] | Comments [6]

Hi guys :o)

How goes it? I have to confess things have a been a little bit mental since I said farewell to you all back in Blighty.

Bangkok was slightly full on so I decided to get the hell out of there and do some chilling out/aclimatisation down in the Southern Gulf on a beautiful little island called Kohphangan - home of the famous full  parties (next one due  20/4 - will probably stick around for the spectacle and a bit of a bop on the beach)!

Briefly, let me back track! Bangkok was actually fine, typical city really. But it was really hot and I've not seen traffic like it! I'm not sure how they are going to tackle the congestion here! I wouldn't know where to start - one for you transport planners out there perhaps?!! It was just a little bit intimidating for me but I do intend to go back once I've got my head firmly round this whole traveling malarky! Actually the travelling itsel is fine - a bit tiring but actually quite straight forward. Its the what to do when you get there that is a bit daunting.

In case any of you fancy a trip to Bangkok by the way I highly recommend the HI Baan Dinso Guest House. It was a little on the pricey side (for Bangkok hostels that is)at 900Baht  per night but was actually a bit of a bargain  for the fact that included breakfast and it was an immaculately clean and peaceful little haven in the middle of utter chaos! It was also close enough to the tourist area of Banglamphu to be convenient but in a proper Thai part of town o that it was authentic. Check out www.baandinson.com for pics etc

I didn't stick around to do much sightseeing in Bangkok but I did walk from the guest house to the railway station (about 3 miles each way). I walked because I find its a good way to collect my thoughts and get used to things and I was a bit scared of the rickshaw drivers who only seem to want to take you to places that are going to make them a bit of a side profit somehow! Anyway it was an interesting stroll. The reason I'm definitely going back is because there are some really beautiful and interesting sites to check out and I don;t feel that I really did them justice! I just need to catch my breath a bit first before I tackle it!

THe whole train thing was a great experience. Kohphangan is about 750km from Bangkok and it cost me about 12pounds. For that I got a second class sleeper (with air con). Basically the seat converted to a bunk with curtain at about 9pm, it was really good fun! If any of you have seen the film the Darjeeling Limited it was a bit like that - except because first class was sold out I was in a communal sleeper cabin with bottom and top bunks. First Great Western could learn a good few things from these guys I tell you! The food was good too! I had a really nice hot thai meal for 150Baht! Bargain!

Ok, sorry I think I'm waffling! Nothing new there then :o) same old Nick. Also just a quick note for all you literary guardians out there, there will be gramatical, typographical and spelling errors in this ecause I'm just typing what comes out of my head and the minutes are ticking so I won't have time to go back and check! Also there is not spellchecker that I can find on this thing - so apologies if these blog updates are a bit rough and ready :o)

Ok where was I - can you tell I've not had much meeting fellow English speak travellers yet? I've not had a proper waffle in days - since I left Blighty in fact :os as you can imagine I'm practically bursting with things to say - hence the waffle! But that is just one small downside and one I home will change in the not too distant future!

So here I am on the beautiful island of Kohphangan. I've uploaded a couple of pics for you and there will be more to follow as time goes on. Last night I stayed in a lovely but very quiey place called Lucky Resort and today I'm in Haad Rin - the party capital of the island. Its actually quite a mellow atmosphere at the moment - there doesn't seem to be massive amounts of people around. But, I hear that will change with the build up to the next full moon party on april 20th. I shall probably move up the island before then but do plan to check out the party.

If aby of you are thinking of booking Summer hols this is defnitely a great place to come. It's hot, cheap and beautiful! Ok so its quite a long flight but for a two holiday I'd say its well worth it. Oh and the food is healthy and really tasty! I've lost a few pounds already because I can only manage one meal a day because of the heat! It's greeeat! :o)

Well I've probably forgot to mention loads of things - I promise I'll be a bitmore organised in my next update .... well I promise I'll try. If you can think of anything in particular make a comment and I will do my best to oblige.

TTFN. Missing you all loads and wish you could be here too!

Lots of Love




You've covered such a lot of ground in a short time it's a wonder you're not dizzy!

Love the piccies, what a stunning place. Put yourself in one soon. Miss you.


  Catriona Apr 4, 2008 2:52 AM


Hi Nix

Glad you got there safe! looks beautiful place! not jealous at all! Seems weird that only last week you were still here! Add some pics of you too! Take care & enjoy the beach xx
Debs & Paul xx

  Debbie Finch Apr 4, 2008 5:44 AM


Glad to hear you got there safely and are settling in. Our house is under offer now so we are still on schedule to be in NZ in May hopefully. We might even have bought a house by the time you are there!
Have a lovely time in Thailand honey. Take care xx

  Kerry Apr 5, 2008 3:32 AM


It sounds great, so add Bangkok to the holiday destinations by the sound of it!! You aren't missing anything back here, today it is trying to snow!! I can't open the pic you sent to my mobile keeps telling me communication error!! I had a missed call from an international number I didn't know, hence my text! looking forward to your next communication!! have a great time ...Ali

  Alison frost Apr 6, 2008 10:32 PM


Didn't realise you would have written so much yet - you sound like you are having a fantastic time, no doubt, there's lots more of that to come, especially around the party season. Just to update Alison's email, it did snow yesterday - first time the girls have ever seen it, so they were well excited! I shall be a regular reader so avidly await the next installment. Take care - Emma x

  Emma Walters Apr 7, 2008 11:08 PM


Hi Nicky,

I finally got to your blog at last and reading your words made me smile as you definitely haven't changed yet! I still can't believe you are out there experiencing life, the beach party sound great, can you send any vibes by mobile as it would be great to imagine I'm there with you.

Hopefully you have met a few nice people by now and you are getting your head around things a bit more. I can't begin to imagine how you feel when you wake up about how the day will pan out, it just intrigues me and I can't wait to read your next update.

Take real good care for now and hope to hear from you soon.


  Liz Woods Apr 8, 2008 8:52 PM

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