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Travelin Tales a journey of rocks, dust and probably lots of animal poo..........

Scale...... (clue: it’s big)

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 15 October 2017 | Views [518]

Day #1


The things I’ve noticed in the 15hours or so I’ve been here:


The skinks here are the size of a 30cm ruler

The frogs are the side of a small rat

The bats may as well be albatrosses 

And the sky...... the sky.......


The things I’m not missing:



Rude people

Cloud cover


Flying in yesterday was just breathtaking.  The landscape of our fine country never ceases to amaze and overwhelm me with it’s vastness and beauty.  The arid yet mangrove infested coastline looked like something from a movie landscape.  I sat glued to the plane porthole window for the entire trip from Darwin (pick the tourist type traveler on the 30 seater plane)........


At the interchange in Darwin, I started to feel the heat seep through the air-conditioned walls in the departure lounge, but that was nothing compared to stepping off the plane in Kununurra. 


I’d left home in Melbourne at 4:45am, decked out in jeans, jacket and some fetching gold slides..... only to nearly pass out at the exit door of the plane. 41 deegres and jeans don’t mix...(Suprise!).


Needless to say, I quick hoped to grabbing a car, finding my hotel and getting my pale ale Melbourne legs into a pair of shorts. PS - I am NOT running any sort of fashion stakes whilst I’m here (neither are the locals might I add) - it’s all about comfort.


Yet.... I feel I may of overpacked on the fancy clothes front......


I gets dark here early - It was dark by 6pm - and light again at 4:30am.  And yeah - I was up - the 3hour time diff will take some adjusting me thinks.  Took a short walk into ‘town’ - nothing open of course - but there were people about - riding bikes - enjoying a coolish morning (33 degrees).


It’s a nice ease into the heat of the day - but for now it’s breakfast - and later - off to meet and greet the other 15 secondees on this round of Jawun.


Later peeps - I have some sweating to do...... sorry - I forgot I’m a lady... ‘perspiring’!




PS - random thing - my snack on the plane from Darwin to Kununurra was made in Chelsea Heights - Wells Rd - walking distance from my home. Weird.


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