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Volcano boarding in Leon

NICARAGUA | Wednesday, 22 July 2015 | Views [471]

It ended up being a 12 hour bus ride instead of 10 from El Tunco. Had to pass through 2 borders - Honduras and Nicaragua and it took 2 hours waiting at one of them, not sure why it took so long, at lest we could get out and stretch our legs. We would have clocked up a lot of travel time by now and I'm sure 3 hour South Coast trips back in Oz will feel like a breeze compared to these. 

We were pretty tired by the time we checked in and just grabbed dinner from across the road. The next day we found a French Bakery who did delicious pastries for breakfast. We just walked around checking out the streets of Leon, wasn't the greatest town. We booked to do volcano boarding that afternoon.
We were each given a board and gear and it about an hour to walk to the top - this volcano also seemed like a breeze compared to Acatanango. The guide was good telling us that Cerro Negro - the black hill - was quite a young volcano and its last eruption was in 1999. You could see some smoke in the middle from volcanic activity and you could smell the sulphur in the air. There was a pretty good view of the surrounds when we were up the top, great for some photo opportunities and laughs.  We geared up in our oversized onsies, gloves and goggles and got a brief run down on what to do. There was a swarm of bees we had to avoid in the talk. Matt was the guinea pig went first and flew down. He said he came off a couple of times coz of how fast he was going.  Bridget and I went down together and she flew past but I couldn't get my board to move. I went pretty slowly the whole way down and couldn't figure out how to pick up speed. I was laughing at the snail pace I was going but was a bit bummed when it finished coz it was a bit of a let down. I realised I had a really short rope compared to everyone else so I blamed the dodgy board on my slow speed. Anyway an experience and there was a really nice sunset as we left the volcano. We had sushi and cocktails back in town. 
I was going so slow this is pretty much the pace I was going the while way down haha

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