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My Scholarship entry: Walkabout to the Heart of Australia

Australia | Sunday, January 13, 2013 | 5 photos

Photography enriches my soul. It allows me to express myself and capture the natural beauty of the world and the raw emotion of the people in it. Photography has always been in my blood since I was little. My friends and family would agree I’ve always had a camera in my hand documenting life events and I’m snap happy whenever everything aligns and a moment fits perfectly into the camera’s frame - never discouraged to get the shot! Only recently have I been confident enough to experiment with a digital SLR camera with the hope and possibility of making it more than just a hobby. I’ve decided to dream bigger! To be granted with this scholarship would be priceless. The experience and education gained would be invaluable to my learning and growth as a photographer, knowing it would feed my starving desire to learn more. It would be an amazing opportunity to travel and be immersed in a fascinating culture, surrounded by exotic landscapes and discover new places and faces. To be there on assignment and capture on camera the things my eye sees with your knowledge and expertise as guidance would be a dream come true and a life changing experience, which would develop my skills immensely.