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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

La Diguoise

SEYCHELLES | Friday, 7 December 2007 | Views [1795] | Comments [1]

La Diguoise Guesthouse
If you ever make it to the Seychelles the one place I would say you cannot miss is La Diguoise and Elodie on La Digue Island. la Digue is the best Island by far in my opinion...it is quiet and quaint and there are hardly any vehichles. With only 2000 residents everyone knows one another and the locals are very kind and friendly. Of course there is Anse Source d'Argent the most famous beach in the world, most beautiful and most photographed, used for many movies and commercials...we saw a photo shoot going on the day William and I were there !

Grand Anse is my favourite!!! It is amazing....smooth white sand beach and crystal clear waters and a booming surf!!! The ends of the beach are capped by gorgeous granite rock formations, it is unbelieveable...like a dream

According to the locals the 2 beaches they say are most incredible I have not even seen yet!!! I am going to need to figure out how exactly to get to Anse Marron and Anse Coco.

At La Diguoise the grounds are gated and you must follow a small windy path through the jungle to get to it...it took only 2 times to figure out how to get back here.....The grounds are a beautiful paradise, lovely fragrant trees and flowers everywhere, 2 fresh water ponds with rock outcroppings and fountains house lillypads and fish. The house I am staying in is a large plantation style house with a huge outdoor veranda...larger outside on the porch than inside....meals are served on the veranda each day. Elodie has the other large house across the garden. There are 2 bungalows on the property and 2 guestrooms in the house I am in and that is it...so peaceful. There is a gorgeous pool...only for Elodie and her husband...he will not allow guests...but there is an outdoor shower and a hot tub for guests to use that is fabulous!!

And of course I cannot speak of La Diguoise without mentioning Sultan the Prince!!! A large german shepard like dog who is sooo sweet, he loves white people and is fabulous with the guests but if you are a local...even a relative as Andy is, you are not welcome here!!!! He has adopted me and stays on my veranda. He will go and greet the other guests but always comes back to me. At night he sleeps outside my room. I awoke in the middle of the night and looked out the window to see his eyes open and him checking on me..I feel very safe here.....

Ok now to the good stuff...the food here is gourmet... Each morning after the fresh flowers and table settings are put out you show up at your table to sample the days surprise. First is a plate of fresh local fruit..followed by a basket of bread and homemade pastries, then your choice of egg, oh almost forgot the fresh smoothie made of all the local fruits. Dinner is at 7:30 and again made by Elodie, so much food, so many tastes, she is a creole master. EVERYTHING is delicious...things I probably would never try and I cannot believe how good they are, desserts are always a treat..fresh and homemade as well.

Elodie says she does not get many Americans as they all tend to book the large hotels where all the facilities and staff are...I told her that was a huge shame and they are surely missing out...this place is a true gem and unbelievable find...DO NOT MISS IT!!

!st night meal was at Pension Michel, Elodie's other resort...cooked by their chef..we had octopus curry and coconut shavings with lime, rice and fish coated in island spices and a slaw and sweet salad.
a bottle of chilled....shiraz/cabernet matthew allen aussie wine and a pineapple, coconut and onion salad for dessert.

Day 1 meals...
papaya,green mango..yum, banana, orange and water melons and star fruit...coffee,smoothie,cinnamon buns,toast and eggs.
Chicken and veggie curry dish...fish and veggie dish...rice..fried aubergine...green salad with yummy dressing...sweet white wine........dessert.. fresh fruit salad in a natural sweet syrup.

Day 2 Meals
Jack fruit...passion fruit....mango....papaya...apple banana.....melon......smoothie...coffee....toast and eggs
King fish grilled in island spices....fish and veggies in a marinade....rice....conch fritters.....minced tuna and green mango....dessert.......... coconut nougat with fresh mango ice cream.......heaven......

Day 3 Meals
smoothie.....fried egg with cheese.....toast...sweet bread....oh and everyday there are sweet homemade jams of local fruits....orange.....honeydew melon.....green mango..apple banana

fish in coconut milk...rice....fish fritters...fresh green mango salad....pork, potatoe and veggie. curry....minced coconut with spices..I really wish there was a way for you to taste this food...I am blown away every night with the tastes...it is TRULY amazing!!
water apple flambe and homemade coconut ice cream and my favorite citronelle tea......oh my God...I never want to leave here

Day 4 Meals
passion fruit....star fruit....guava....pineapple....mango......eggs and kraft cheese....smoothie..bibli fruit jam...grows on trees and elodie makes it.and tomaato jam..I don't know how it's made but it does not taste like tomamtoes.....tea and fresh breads..

Grilled red fish in seychelles spices...rice...fish burgers, don't look or taste like a fish burger in the states!!!....lenti...not sure but it tastes great....green salad with fresh vinigarette and veggies.....
Banana caramel yum.........all kinds of local spices, smelled incredible as she made it.....a secret she said.....and citronelle tea of course.

Day 5
breakfast...passion fruit...orange...banana...melon....water apple...fried egg,kraft cheese.......assorted homemade breads...jams today water apple and banana...smoothie and tea
dinner at L'ocean Restaurant Patatran

day 6
minced mixed veggie and green salad with fresh vinegarette....baked kingfish with chili and lemongrass sauce...spicy...sauted sausage with carrots and pepepers in a cinnamon curry sauce....rice and fish fritters
dessert coco nougat with coconut ice cream...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. The food here is undescribable... I will be back just for the food......unlike anywhere else in the world!!!

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in 2010 la diguoise will have 10 rooms
elodie has now converted her typical creole house into a small hotel
there will be 6 standard rooms and 4 luxury suites which will have private access to the swimmingpool.
elodie also rents a 3 bedroom villa 2 minute walk from la diguoise for whole famillies or backpackers who which to rent a cheaper room....
Njoy this little paradise...

  angie Oct 19, 2009 6:23 PM

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