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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

Praslin Island The Seychelles

SEYCHELLES | Monday, 3 December 2007 | Views [538]

dec 3
Beautiful Praslin , hot Praslin...woke up and went to the restaurant on the beach and had a plate of fresh fruit and great coffee and fresh squeezed juice.  I head out by the pool to relax today, noone is around I have the whole place to myself.  i float in the pool and meditate for a while, the sun is far to hot to just lay out so I float.  I wander to the beach and wade in, big fish swim away in the clear water...the are big....The sand is fine and so soft, the only other soft sand like this was in Costa Rica, the sand here is white tho... and feels so good to walk on.  I decide to walk in the water for my walk, about knee to thigh deep and just start walking down the beach...noone is on the beach it is strange, but peaceful.

After and outdoor shower and a rest I head out to catch the bus and see the island.  I take the bus as far as it goes, we climb a mountain and go thru tropical forests and Valle de Mai where the coco de mer lives, this tree and freaky fruit that looks like a female form grows, the only place in the world it grows...I will go to the National park and hike one of these days.  the jungle is deep and thick and there are waterfalls falling from the mountain, the road is windy and narrow and falls off about 4 feet to the sides and then down a huge embankment to the jungle floor....My bus driver is Patrick who I get to talk to as everyone else has gotten off the bus and he is going home..he drops me off at a bus stop where a bus should come by so I can get back over the mountain to my hotel.  So I wait...a guy in the yard behind the stop is singing a reggae song in creole.....no bus..suddenly this man in a car is asking if I want a ride???? hum????

So I ask how much he will charge me thinking maybe he is a transport service, he says nothiing, so I go to get in the back, he says no, get in front...i do, he is in a uniform, I ask him what it is, he is the police.....ooooh good....so we have a nice drive and he tells me a bus probably was not coming.... His name was Jacques, he told me I should learn creole and it would only take me a day...huh????  Everyone I meet here from the customs guy to Jacques are really surprised I am traveling alone and want to know why??? I guess it is pretty strange here, oh well I will meet lots of curious people.

I make it back and tell Chetlah, the girl from Mauritius who manages this place of my adventures...she laughs when I tell her the police brought me back!!!  I have dinner at the hotel, I had planned to walk down the beach but we got an evening downpour just at dinner time,it came and went prety quickly.  Oh..the sunset tonight was crazy!!! I made Jacques pull over so I could take a picture of it, unbelieveable!!!! I ran to the beach to capture a last glimpse!!!!!!!

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