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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Costa Rica to Nicaragua to Miami

NICARAGUA | Saturday, 17 Aug 2013 | Views [186]

17 de agosto - sabado ( en el avion al Miami de Managua) 1:15 pm    I was so proud of myself for keeping up with regular writing during our travels more or less. But then we started doing a lot more rigorous hiking and activities ... Read more >

Pura Vida! Costa Rica!

COSTA RICA | Tuesday, 6 Aug 2013 | Views [164]

Journal #3- 6 August 2013 Tuesday, 8:45 a.m. Alrighty folks, time to re-cap!  We've been covering A LOT of ground lately in our trip!!... Miller Time sent a friend to retrieve us from our Portobello cabin and take us back to Panama City ... Read more >

Panama to Costa Rica

PANAMA | Friday, 2 Aug 2013 | Views [181]

2 de agosto – viernes,  2013 It’s our last day in Panama.  We’re in Portobelo still in our little blue cabin overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Paris signed up for a third dive this morning. Yesterday she went diving with ... Read more >

In & around Panama!

PANAMA | Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | Views [134]

We arrived in Panama last Saturday! Pear, my mom, and I all met up after customs in the Panama City airport since we were flying in from different locations - I left Denver around noon and flew into Panama City via Dallas. Of course I almost missed my ... Read more >

A VERY important note!

CAMBODIA | Thursday, 7 Apr 2011 | Views [219]

Now that I'm back in the good ol' USA, I'm really looking forward to being able to vote for American Idol.  I don't know how it happened, but somewhere in the midst of Chinese boy bands & watching Khmer covers of Lady Gaga videos in Cambodia, I stumbled ... Read more >

Farewell Phnom Penh

CAMBODIA | Thursday, 7 Apr 2011 | Views [316]

I've been back in the U.S. for a few days now.  And it's fairly strange being back actually.  For the past month I haven't written much (sorry about that!) because I've been finishing up classes with students, independent work projects, and trying to ... Read more >

Off the southern coast of Cambodia...

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 19 Feb 2011 | Views [659] | Comments [2]

While Paris was here visiting, we went on a bunch of different weekend trips to places throughout Cambodia.   One place I wanted to take her to was Sihanoukville   ( and yes, I did just have to copy & past that name in because I can NEVER ... Read more >

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Sunday, 6 Feb 2011 | Views [390]

Fun visa stuff has sent us out of the country again for at least a few days.   This time to Malaysia!   To be completely honest, among the options, I was least excited about going to Malaysia even though I didn’t know much about the country at ... Read more >

Time flies...

CAMBODIA | Monday, 31 Jan 2011 | Views [398] | Comments [4]

I can't believe it's almost FEBRUARY!  I feel like I've kind of been in a time warp, especially with the lack of the winter season completely!  I've been here for 3 months now and I'm really surprised at how quickly the time has gone by so far.  3 short ... Read more >

Photos: Siem Reap

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

Trip to Ancient Temples
See all 30 photos >>

Amazing or Annoying?

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011 | Views [627] | Comments [4]

One minute I'm completely amazed by certain elements of Cambodian culture, while the next minute I'm gritting my teeth with frustration and annoyance. Not sure what I'm talking about?  Here's a little glimpse: Yesterday I saw 5 people packed onto ... Read more >

Happy New Year from the ancient temples in Siem Reap

CAMBODIA | Sunday, 2 Jan 2011 | Views [465]

Just got back from a short little New Year's excursion to an extremely popular tourist spot & well-known city in northern Cambodia called Siem Reap.  Ancient temples, including Angkor Wat (built in the 12th century), Bayon, and Ta Phrom (where ... Read more >

Merry Christmas!

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 25 Dec 2010 | Views [219] | Comments [1]

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope your Christmas is wonderful, memorable, and surrounded by good things & good people :)  I'm thinking of you & sending warm wishes your way (literally...it's about 80 degrees right now).   Happy day to you!  Enjoy! ... Read more >

Weekend trip to Kampot

CAMBODIA | Thursday, 16 Dec 2010 | Views [395]

Our shuttle van picked us up on Saturday morning, bright and early!, at 6:30am.   The guy who set up the tickets for us kept reiterating OVER and OVER and OVER that the van would be there at 6:30 AM, not PM, AM!!! Okay, okay, I get it?   I don’t ... Read more >

A story about a giraffe.

SINGAPORE | Monday, 6 Dec 2010 | Views [380] | Comments [1]

Once upon a time there lived an adorable little giraffe named Broke. Broke lived at the Night Safari Singapore Zoo, and although the other giraffes spent their days there eating straw and wandering through the beautiful, scenic green pastures, Broke ... Read more >

Photos: Singapore

SINGAPORE | Thursday, 2 Dec 2010 | Photo Gallery

4 day vacation
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Singapore the Sparkly!

SINGAPORE | Thursday, 2 Dec 2010 | Views [190]

Greetings from Singapore!   We've been here for a few days and have one more day to spend... We had to leave Cambodia in order to get Noman’s business visa approved (Ahh!   It’s a mess!), so Singapore was one of our only options of places to ... Read more >

What NOT to do:

CAMBODIA | Monday, 29 Nov 2010 | Views [634] | Comments [2]

When in Cambodia… and you’re traveling with someone who has a passport from Pakistan (or Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, or North Korea, for that matter), it’s not a really brilliant idea to sit down in front of the US Embassy and take pictures for over half ... Read more >

Moto Adventures

CAMBODIA | Sunday, 28 Nov 2010 | Views [389]

I finally did it!!!   I rode a moto today for the first time!    Come on somebody, give me a gold star!   Alright, alright… I know good and well (and am reminded by others quite often enough) that I’m a big chicken.   I’m okay with that.   ... Read more >

Water Festival 2010

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 24 Nov 2010 | Views [396]

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were the days of the Water Festival here in Phnom Penh, which is apparently one of the biggest holidays here.  The capitol city grows incredibly in size because people from all over the country and provinces come here to ... Read more >

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