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ARGENTINA | Friday, 27 June 2008 | Views [426] | Comments [2]

Hey Lads and Lassies,

Ok, let´s face it.  I´m a walking disaster at keeping this travel log up to date.  In fact, it´s a constant thorn in my side.  So, I´ve decided I´m going to make this my last entry.  And I´ve no photos for ye.  I downloaded all my photos onto a cd and the damn thing has a virus on it.  I nearly cried, I was in bad mood for days.  I´m never going to forget the things I´ve seen over the last few months.  It would be great to have the photos to show ye but ye´re just going to have to get ye´re asses in gear and come see this continent for yourselves.  It´s just mental - expecially Peru. 

Anyway, it´s a month since my aunt left me and I have under 2 months left here now.  The plan was to go north from Lima to see Equator and Columbia.  New Plan!  I got as far as Huaraz - one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  Huaraz is a real hikers and climbers paradise.  The climate is just perfect too.  Beautiful and sunny durning the day but not too cold at night.  You could spend months there if you were do everything.  I stayed in the fab hostel  - Hostel Caroline - less than 3 euros a night.  And the best breakfast, homemade strawberry jam and pancakes, smoothies and omlettes.  (Ya, not getting any smaller)  I was getting spanish lessons there too - 3 euros an hour.  And the teacher, Ethel, was a doll.  And a great teacher too. 

While I was there I did the Santa Cruz trek.  It´s the easy option - 50km over 4 days.  It was fab.  The first day was handy enough, day two was the toughest.  The highest pass that day was 4750meters - Punto Union.  But it was amazing.  Day Three was long but mostly flat.  I felt so at home that day.  It reminded me so much of Molls Gap in Killarney.  That day, too, we saw 7 or 8 condors.  You should see these birds in flights.  Absolutely amazing.  Day four was pretty handy, the scenery amazing as always.  Even the drive back to Huaraz was amazing.  We talk about the 40 shades of green in Ireland.  Well, in Huaraz, they are golden, green and bronze.  I don´t know the names of all the crops and grains that they grow here but they look amazing.  They definitely grow barley, quinoa and kwicha. 

So, eventually I left Huaraz and headed back towards Cusco for the Inti Raymi festival.  (June 24th - Winter Solitice)  I know I´m going backwards but stick with me.  The festival was mental.  And it wasn´t just a festival put on for the tourists.  It was locals celebrating whether we were there or not.  The local dress and music were amazing.  The atmosphere was so alive.  We walked from plaza to plaza, witnessing the locals do their do while sampling local food and drink.  When I didn´t get sick after that night´s indulgences, I´ll be ok.  By the way, I´m dragging another Irish eejit along with me. 

That brings me to the next part of the plan - Bolivia.  I can´t wait, I´ve heard so much about it - everyone says it´s cool and you have to go.  From there, it´s onto Paraguay and down to Buenos Aires to fly home.  Yes, that´s the same place I flew into.  Only I could do it.  I will be back in Ireland by August 18th.  I´ll be in touch but just not updating this travel log thingy. 

Most importantly, I hope ye are all well and happy and staying out of trouble - just like me!

Lots of Love




Hi Sarah.

Since you got lazy , I got to work. Glad you are enjoying it so much. It is getting near the end of your time away now . Maybe end of money too. Well in the everyday world its all doom and gloom, recession, high prices , fuel. Ireland is a different place to last year. I am fine and will manage. Had a weekend prayer group, about 10 visitors from Joburg, and 30 locals did it . It was a first and catered for the visitors and accommodated them. Relaxed to watch Padraig Harrington win his 2nd Major in golf . It was exciting , he played so well. Jumpted from 14 to 3rd in the world . Made 938000 euro . I played on my own last week , ground dry and brown like rock. All are well at home , Clare got beat. Thats it . Enjoy Bolivia and Paraguay. Good move to leave Columbia out, hostage country ! Spain had a great week, winning Euro 2008 football, and Nadal won Tennis . Bye for now Jimmy . Take CARE.

  Jimmy Kennedy Jul 21, 2008 11:56 PM


Well enjoy your last days of freedom over there.
C u in a few days in the lovely rainy Ireland

  Carmel Aug 13, 2008 6:48 PM

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