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Torres del Paine

CHILE | Tuesday, 8 April 2008 | Views [755] | Comments [3]

Hey Folks,

I don´t know where to start with all the places I´ve been in the last month.  It would have been so much easier to upload as I went along but technology hasn´t really reached that end of the world just yet.  And, in it´s own way, it was lovely to be completely removed for the rest of the world for a while. 

I´m trying to download the photos for Torres del Paine.  Torres del Paine is a huge National Park in Chile.  And it´s just stunning.  I have never seen a sunrise quite like those that I saw there.  As the sun comes up, everything turns pink.  The reflection of the sun on the mountains, the hillsides and the lakes is really something else.  I was completely in awe.  I don´t think I´ve got photos, sometimes it´s just nicer to sit and watch.  Anyway, I don´t want to ruin it for ye when ye make it here yourselves!

We hiked for 3 days in Torres del Paine. The first day was to the the Towers themselves.  It was a pretty tough hike but so worth every last step.  Day 2, we hiked along by the lake and it was just a beautiful day.  The final day was a bit of an epic.  We walked 35 kms.  This was the walk to Grey´s Glacier.  It was pretty cool too.  As you can imagine,it was pretty exhausting but exhilarating at the same time.  The weather changed all the time.  We were so lucky to escape the rain.  Day 1, the weather was just glorious, a little windy but perfect for hiking.  Day 2 was lovely too, a little cooler and we could feel a change coming.  Day 3 was so windy.  As we walked along by the lake at sunrise, the wind was blustering along the top of the water, driving it up into the air. A rainbow at the other end of the lake. It really was something else. 

I can definitely recommend Torres del Paine.  Go see it.  It´s so cool!





Where are all the photos with u and the gorgeouse guys you are meeting ?

  Cam Apr 12, 2008 12:20 AM



Lynette sees all her neighbors going off to church one Sunday morning and decides it's time the Scavos join them. Tom, a lapsed Catholic, is resistant but she finally persuades him. Lynette asks Bree if she can go to her church but thoroughly embarrasses her by asking the pastor a series of questions after his sermon -- in front of the whole congregation.
Lynette is gung-ho about her newfound spirituality but Bree tries to tell her that Presbyterians don't ask questions and encourages her to check out different churches.Bree has been trying to butter up the pastor so he'll ask her to head the ladies' auxiliary, but when she realizes that he didn't mind Lynette -- and in fact was thrilled to see new faces in church -- she rushes to the Catholic church to fetch her. Lynette refuses to go, even when Bree confesses her real motive. She says she sought Bree out because, during her recent trials, she envied Bree's faith, but now she's lost her faith in Bree.. The next day, Bree tells Lynette she's withdrawn her bid for the ladies' auxiliary, and apologizes for letting Lynette down. They're friends again, but Lynette says she's happy where she is -- the Catholics don't judge her for having so many kids!
Gabrielle asks her priest to perform another marriage ceremony for her. He's astonished since Victor's only been dead two weeks, but she insists that since she's remarrying her first husband, Carlos, they are still married in the eyes of the Church. The priest reluctantly agrees.Edie feels bad that she lost Carlos's money, so she visits him in the hospital to return diamond necklace he once gave her. He's forced to admit that it's worthless, negating all her goodwill towards him and Gaby. A nurse lets it slip to her that Carlos's condition is more serious than he's letting on -- and that not even Gabrielle knows -- and Edie pumps her for all the details.Gabrielle has a surprise on her next visit to see Carlos: She has the priest with her and they're getting married right now! Carlos tries to tell her the truth but when he says, "I might not get my sight back..." she yanks her hand away, so he adds, "for three, four months tops!" She's a little thrown but asks the priest to resume the ceremony.
Edie congratulates Gabrielle on getting Carlos, and tells her how "heroic" she is to be marrying a blind man. Gabrielle assures her it's only for a few months and Edie gleefully informs her that Carlos condition is permanent.Carlos admits that he thought Gaby would leave him if she knew the truth. She's furious that he thinks she's that shallow, but declares she still loves him and is not going anywhere.
Susan's cousin, Tim, is helping her with her taxes, since Mike is still in rehab. He reveals that he lost his last job because he couldn't keep his hands off his boss's 18-year-old daughter.Susan, Lynette, Gabrielle and Bree show up at Kathryn's once they hear that Adam's left her, but she is less than gracious about their offering of muffins and jam. Kathryn joins Dylan on her next study date with Julie, with flowers and an apology to Susan. Tim recognizes Kathryn as the former "Mrs. Davis," and seems -- to Susan -- overly pleased to hear that Dylan is turning 18 next week.
Dylan shows Julie the burnt scrap of paper that she found in the fireplace: Clearly legible are the words, "your father was murdered." She remembers that Aunt Lily wanted to tell her something the day she died and this must have been it. Dylan decides she's going to ask Adam what really happened. When Julie asks why her mother would lie about it, Dylan replies, "She's the one who killed him."Dylan leaves a voice message for Adam but instead of calling her back, he calls Kathryn. He wants to tell Dylan the truth, but Kathryn is convinced that Dylan will call the police. She wants Adam back but he says that lying to Dylan is the last thing he's going to do for her.Tim offers to go buy milk when he sees Susan has run out, but she assures him there's no rush -- not until she sees him talking to Dylan and then she decides she needs that milk right now! When Susan and Julie go to visit Mike in rehab, Tim takes the opportunity to invite someone over. Susan calls with a tax question and hears what she thinks is a girl, so she rushes off, leaving Julie with Mike.
She barges into the bedroom and discovers, to her shock, that the "girl" in bed with Tim is none other than Kathryn. Susan is even more shocked to find out that they're reviving an old relationship -- Kathryn first slept with Tim when he was only 16!
But there's more to the story: Tim says he went back to see Kathryn after their first time 12 years ago, but witnessed her and a man arguing -- and then saw her hit the guy with a heavy candlestick! He's not sure, but he got the idea that it was Kathryn's ex-husband.
When she meets with Adam, Dylan begs him for the truth, but he insists that her mother didn't kill her father.

  Carmel Apr 16, 2008 7:24 PM


When Mike asks Orson to visit him in rehab, Orson fears the worst -- that Mike has remembered that it was Orson who ran him down in his car. Instead, Mike asks Orson if he can forgive Mike -- for asking him to write a pain prescription for him before he went to rehab.
Orson is incredibly relieved, but his troubled conscience won't let him be. Susan finds him, naked, in her kitchen in the middle of the night! He says he's sorry but seems to think she is Mike. The next day neither he nor Bree believe her, but think she was simply having a "naughty" dream about Orson because Mike is away. The next time she catches Orson naked, on the lawn, Susan realizes he's sleepwalking and slaps him awake. Orson decides it's time to move out, although their house isn't quite ready.
Everyone is very helpful to Carlos, except for Gabrielle, who is getting bored waiting hand and foot on a blind man. And now that she's poor, she has to shop at a discount warehouse store, where she's annoyed that all the good parking spots are for the handicapped. When Lynette suggests that blind people can also get handicapped placards, Gabrielle does so immediately. A man in a wheelchair wants to know why she's parking in a handicapped spot and Gabrielle explains it's for her blind husband -- who obviously doesn't drive. She refuses to see how she's abusing the system and the argument ends with her giving the man a push that sends him hurtling across the parking lot.
The next time, Gabrielle brings Carlos along on her shopping sprees to legitimize her use of the handicapped spots -- but makes him wait in the car! He's not there when she gets back from her manicure as he got hungry and found someone to lead him to the nearest burger place. When someone asks about if she's leaving the handicapped spot, Carlos is furious to find out that she's been using his condition just to get better parking. She breaks down and says it's harder than she ever expected, worrying about things like leaving the toothpaste where he can find it and that if she can somehow get a perk out of the situation, she's going to take it.
Lynette is surprised to see Rick at the pizzeria. He's there to tell her and Tom that he's opening a rival restaurant around the corner. When Tom comes home late that night, she's sure he's been brooding but he says he's just been thinking up recipes to compete with Rick's. Lynette believes all is well until the police stop by to ask if either of them saw someone hurl a brick through the window of Rick's new restaurant. Lynette realizes that it was Tom and that he's not over his jealousy of Rick. He tells her he never blamed Rick, but he did blame her, even though nothing happened
Everyone is very excited for the Founders' Ball, which Bree always oversees. Katherine offers to help and all the other women predict a clash of Biblical proportions between the two domineering divas. However, Bree is happy to accept, until Katherine pulls out an event-planning scrapbook to rival hers and starts suggesting they start making some "updates" to the annual affair. Before she knows it, Katherine has changed recipes and even taken over Bree's usual job of presenting the Founders' Ball Award.
The night of the ball, the chef tells Bree that he thinks the dip is "off" and might make someone sick. Bree is about to throw it away when Katherine reminds her she had left instructions not to let any food leave the kitchen without her tasting it first, so Bree hands her the tainted dip. Sure enough, Katherine soon becomes violently ill. Bree offers to present the award, as usual, but Katherine assures her that this is important, so she's going to manage.
As Bree sits at her table, muttering about Katherine's backstabbing ways, she's astonished to hear Katherine name her as the recipient of the Founders' Ball Award. Afterward, Bree tries to apologize, saying she "misunderstood" the situation and Katherine says that no, she misunderstood, because she thought they were becoming friends. Bree explains that among her friends, she has her own niche as the extraordinary housewife and organizer, and that she can't be friends with a woman who's exactly the same. Katherine says it's a shame, since she understands Bree better than anyone, especially the need to set a perfect table when you'd rather curl up in a ball and cry. Bree realizes that they can be friends after all.
Andrew calls Lynette from the pizzeria: Rick's restaurant is going up in flames! Lynette jumps to the obvious conclusion when she sees Tom walk in just then.

Julie has talked Dylan into attending the ball in a ploy to make her forget all the speculation about her real father. Dylan admits she had fun and happily poses for photos with Katherine -- photos that a mysterious stranger circles in red ink in the next day's paper.
Coming home late from the ball, Julie runs into Orson, who's sleepwalking again. She doesn't know what to think when he says he's sorry to Mike for running him over!

  Carmel Apr 23, 2008 8:54 PM

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