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Bariloche - Second Time Round

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 27 April 2008 | Views [892] | Comments [4]

So, after our hiking in Torres del Paine, seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier and more hiking in Fitz Roy, I spend 2 days on a bus.  Travelling up the Ruta 40.  2 days of nothing.  Patagonia is suburb but I spend days and days travelling where there was nothing to see.  Correction - you see the same thing for 20, 30 hours.  So, when I arrived in Bariloche again, I was thrilled. 

I took some photos this time of the centre of town.  It´s very touristy but it´s nice. 

I also managed to climb Mont Tronador.  It´s the highest point in Bariloche and when I tried to climb it the last time, the weather was too bad.  But I was determined this time.  And so was the weather.  I don´t think I´ve every been so wet in all my life.  I got to the start of the hike and the park guards were not very enthusastic. There were 6 of us in all.  So, off we hit, spirits high.  Within, half and hour, it started raining.  That´s ok, this Irish girl is plenty used to rain.  But the track wasn´t.  There was a constant flow of water rushing down against us all the time.  It was a little messy but we coped.  The last hour of the trek to the refugio (mountain hut) was so tough.  The area was completely exposed and the rain had turned into hail stones.  The wind wasn´t helping either.  But with a little perservance, we made it the refugio.  I don´t ever remember been so wet in all my life.  In the little hall of the refugio, we stripped off and got into warm clothes and spend the evening by the fire.  It was a really cool refugio. They were playing really funky music and everyone was so happy to be in out of the elements.  I think I had the best dinner ever that night.  It was steak with mushroom and red wine sauce, served with onions and the best fried potatoes ever.  Then for desert, we had pancakes with dulce de leche (it´s this carmelised miik & and it´s so tasty.  And of course, washed down with a local beer.  What more could you want! 




hey Sarah,
The photos are amazing, I am in awe here looking through them all. You are really getting to see some amazing sites, once in a lifetime stuff!
Hope you are having a great time!!

  Lynda Apr 28, 2008 5:43 PM



The Founders' Ball was such a success, Katherine and Bree's services are requested by another client and Katherine talks Bree into starting an event-planning business together.

Dylan is pulled over by a cop who tells her she failed to slow down when passing a construction site. After examining her driver's license, he lets her off with a warning. When he gets back into the squad car, we see the newspaper with the circled photo of Dylan at the Founders' Ball. He shows up later at the park, saying he wants to talk with her. He admits he tracked her down after seeing her picture n the paper. And then he drops the bombshell: he's Wayne Davis, her father.

At a local diner, he admits that he beat her mother, but says that Katherine "gave as good as she got." When Dylan is skeptical, he says he only wanted to make sure she turned out okay and he'll be on his way as he doesn't want to upset her mother. Dylan says Katherine doesn't have to know.

Dylan offers to run errands for Katherine, but she suspects her daughter of having an ulterior motive. Dylan assures her she just wants to help out now that Adam's gone and Katherine believes her. Of course, Dylan's really meeting her father.

Carlos brings home Roxy, his new service dog, and the trainer thinks Gabrielle is joking when she asks if the dog will do things like fetch the remote. She walks off in a huff when she learns Roxy is just there to help Carlos get around. Roxy takes an instant dislike to Gabrielle as well and growls when Gabrielle yells at him. When she finds Roxy on the bed with Carlos, she demands he choose and he chooses the dog.
She retaliates by luring Roxy into her car with her favorite treats and bringing her back to the training center. She tells the trainer that Roxy and Carlos didn't get along. She lies to Carlos that Roxy ran away but Roxy has already followed her home
Edie shows up to deliver doggie biscuits because Carlos doesn't trust Gaby to do it. Edie warns her that if she doesn't start treating her husband right, there'll be plenty of other women who will. That night finds both Gaby and Roxy in bed with Carlos.

Suspecting it was Tom who torched Rick's restaurant, Lynette quizzes her husband about his whereabouts during the Founders' Ball. He assures her it wasn't him, but she's not convinced.

Rick confronts Tom, asking why a Scavo pizzeria matchbook was found at his burned-out restaurant and they end up in a fistfight that lands them and Lynette at the local police station. While the police grill Tom, Rick tells Lynette that despite everything's that happened, he's glad to see her. She immediately interrupts Tom's interview to tell them Rick is the one who had a motive for revenge because she didn't have an affair with him. Instead of helping Tom out, she's just handed the cops another motive. She then suggests maybe Rick did it to frame Tom but Rick has an alibi. Tom's only alibi is he snuck away from the ball to listen to a game on the radio, so Lynette lies and says she saw him there.
Rick can't believe that the police are going to let Tom go, based on Lynette's say-so. Lynette swears to Rick that she would never lie to protect Tom if she thought he'd done something so terrible. In the car, she tells Tom she knows he was lying and he counters that he knows she was lying about sleeping with Rick. She insists that nothing ever happened between them, so he repeats that he was not the one who set the fire.
The twins want to know why Tom is sleeping on the couch again and she tells him that they're fighting over something Daddy did. They tell her not to be mad at Tom -- they're the ones who set the fire because they were worried Rick would take her away from them.
Susan's hormones are making her cry at the drop of a hat. When Mike returns from rehab, his pointing out that he prefers potatoes au gratin to baked potatoes sends her running off in tears. Julie takes the opportunity to tell Mike about Orson's sleepwalking confession, a secret she's kept from Susan so far. Mike tells her it probably means nothing but goes to ask Orson about it. He is astonished when Orson breaks down and confesses all. That night, Susan takes it personally when Mike doesn't want to have sex so he tells her what's troubling him, as long as she promises to let him handle it on his own.
Instead, Susan barges straight into the Hodges' house and orders Orson to stay away from her family. She tells a shocked Bree that it was Orson who ran over Mike and that the worst part is that he pretended to be their friend in the meantime. Bree can only look at Orson in horror after Susan and Mike leave
The next day, Susan tells Mike she'd rather move than have to live across from Orson. Mike tells her he's decided to forgive Orson but he understands if she can't. Susan goes to Bree to tell her she's willing to drop what Orson did for the sake of their friendship, but that it's going to be very hard. Bree tells her there's no need. As Orson leaves the house with a packed suitcase, Bree says she thinks it's admirable that Susan can forgive Orson, because she can't.

  Carmel Power May 1, 2008 12:55 AM


Hello, just catching up on your stories. Good reading, I have the giggles at some of your stories.


  Carmel Power May 1, 2008 1:06 AM



Susan is dismayed to find that her ex-husband Karl -- and his new, younger wife -- are in her Lamaze class and bragging about how terrific their life is. Mike's at a rehab meeting, so for the following week, she talks Mike into dressing up to show Karl that their lives are also worth bragging about. Her plans are shot, however, when Mike mentions he's just celebrated 30 days of being sober. Mike insists that being honest is part of recovery and that's more important to him than what her ex thinks.

At the next class, neither Mike nor Karl's wife are there and Susan tells Karl he wins, he's got the perfect life. She admits that she's nervous about having a baby with Mike since she's not entirely sure he's clean. Karl says he thinks Mike will be there for her more than he ever was, and that he admires Mike's honesty. And, he admits that his own life isn't quite as perfect as he was making it out to be.

Lynette and Tom decide to keep the twins' arson in the family, so they punish them with lots of chores. Lynette overhears them say that Kayla should be punished too, since it was all her idea. When Lynette asks Kayla about it, she's unnerved by the girl's eerie calm and convinces Tom to take her to a psychiatrist. She tells Kayla she's there because she can't tell the difference between right and wrong, so Kayla assures her that she does, and that she'll tell the psychiatrist -- and the police -- what the twins did. Lynette hastily informs the pychiatrist they won't be needing his services after all.

Kayla hears Tom and Lynette arguing about her and decides to pull another prank: convincing the twins that she just safely jumped off the roof with an umbrella. Parker jumps and breaks his wrist, to Kayla's delight. They rush hm to the hospital while Mrs. McCluskey stays with the other children

To make a little extra cash, Gaby and Carlos rent out a room, but Gaby quickly realizes that their new tenant, Ellie, who says she's an art student, has a lot of male visitors-- who pay her in cash! She asks her gay neighbors, Bob and Lee, if one of them will pose as a prospective client to prove that she's a hooker. The sting goes awry when Ellie attacks Lee after he propositions her. Ellie admits that she does have a secret business: She's a tattoo artist. Gaby feels bad for thinking she was a prostitute and decides to let her stay.

Bree gives Orson an ultimatum: She'll only take him back if he confesses his crime to the police. Orson leaves, but comes back later, completely drunk and suggesting the perfect alibi: He'll tell the police he was sleepwalking when he ran Mike over! Edie drives by as Bree is trying to get Orson into his car and offers to drive him home. He doesn't want to go back to his bachelor apartment, so Edie lets him sleep on her couch. The next morning, Bree goes to ask why Orson's car is still there and is alarmed to find that he'd spent the night at Edie's, considering her reputation. Edie is insulted when Bree says she has a habit of "picking at other women's leftovers" and announces she'll let Orson stay as long as he likes, even though she has absolutely no interest in him.

Orson has booked a hotel, but Edie convinces him to stay and make more martinis. She tells him Bree's wrong not to forgive him, whatever he did. They share a brief kiss -- and then both decide it's a bad idea -- but Bree, who's outside retrieving Ida's cat, has seen the whole thing

Dylan's frequent dates with a mystery boy (actually her father), have aroused Katherine's suspicions, so she decides to follow her. Over dinner, Wayne says maybe it's time to tell her mother the truth because he hopes she'll see he's changed for the better. What he doesn't know is that Katherine is standing outside, watching them together.

When Dylan gets home, she confesses that she's been lying to Katherine and that she's really been meeting her father. She's surprised that Katherine isn't upset, and asks if she can bring Wayne into the house. Katherine tells Dylan to go up to her room so she and Wayne can "catch up." Wayne assures Katherine that he's changed and she says she has too: She's not scared of him anymore. He says he'll come back later and she closes the drawer on her secret source of courage: A gun.

Bree confronts Edie about having kissed Orson. Edie tries to tell her she's not interested in Orson but that doesn't stop Bree from persuading a prospective client of Edie's to get a new realtor. Orson stops by to see baby Benjamin since Bree isn't returning his calls, and tells her that the kiss was a mistake and that he pushed Edie away. When he insists he has rights as Benjamin's father, Bree icily reminds him that isn't the baby's father and that she's hired a lawyer.

He calls his own lawyer and has written down all the pertinent facts, which he leaves on a table at his hotel as he goes to take a shower. Edie comes to ask him to get Bree off her back and instead finds the notes, which give her all the ammunition she needs to handle Bree on her own.

Edie informs Bree that now that she knows that Danielle is Benjamin's real mother, the stakes have changed. Unless Bree does everything Edie asks -- invite her to all her best parties, make her muffins whenever she wants -- she'll spill the beans.

Bree goes to Lynette, Susan and Gaby and shakily confesses the whole charade about the baby. Her friends are incensed on her behalf and go with her to tell Edie that she's no longer their friend. Edie realizes they're serious and tries to apologize, but they just walk away.

Tom and Lynette hire a psychiatrist to observe the family, although Lynette wants him to just focus on Kayla. Overhearing this, Kayla tries to act like the model daughter when he's around. The therapist catches on to the fact that there's no love lost between Lynette and Kayla and suggests they try "attachment parenting," where the two spend a lot of time together so they can bond.

They go on a shopping trip, which is going well, until Kayla suspects that Lynette's only doing it because the therapist ordered her to. She insists that Lynette buy her an outrageously expensive dress and when Lynette caves, she says Lynette better give her everything she wants or she won't like what happens. She brags that she got Preston to jump off the roof and when she wonders what she could get Penny to do, Lynette slaps her. Kayla's next move is to call the doctor and tell him what happened, but lies and says that it wasn't the first time Lynette hit her.

Mike's mother Adele arrives like a whirlwind. She insists on teaching Susan her family's recipes, despite Susan's insistence that she doesn't cook, and also suggests that maybe Susan should get a "real" job. Susan is tired of the little jabs that "Mama" keeps making and and tells Mike he needs to start defending her. Instead, he sits by quietly over lunch as Mama goes on and on about how she'll stay longer and help Susan "spruce up" the house, although she'll leave as soon as the baby comes.

That's all Susan needs to hear: she pours her glass of water over her feet and announces that her water just broke -- and that it's time for Mama to leave! Once outside, she confesses her deception but tells Mike that it really is time for Mama to go. Mike is finally telling Mama to hold her tongue about Susan when she goes into labor, this time for real!

Carlos and Gaby love their new tenant, Ellie, since she's so helpful around the house and so good with Carlos. But then Gaby discovers that Ellie's sideline isn't tattoos, but drugs, and they realize they need to turn her in or it will violate his parole. When they go to the police, they already know about Ellie. Trouble is, she's smalltime, so they want her dealer, which means they want her to continue dealing and the Solises to continue to pretend everything is okay. Gaby feels even worse when Ellie presents her with flowers on Mother's Day, saying Gaby's treated her better than her own mother ever did

Katherine tries to warn Dylan about Wayne, but Dylan continues to see her father anyway. Katherine tells Wayne that she got revenge for his abuse during their marriage by having several affairs and that Dylan isn't even his. He takes some gum Dylan was chewing and submits it for a DNA test and is horrified to find that Katherine was telling the truth.

He gets drunk and watches a home video of Dylan as a little girl, after she'd bravely gotten several stitches on her arm. He calls her and asks her to come over: He's got some things to tell her about her mother. When she arrives, he starts examining her arms and then angrily orders her to leave, although he won't say why.

Child Protective Services shows up at the Scavos to follow up on Kayla's complaint that Lynette has been abusing her. Lynette says Kayla is exaggerating, but there is surveillance video of her slapping Kayla in the store. If anything else happens, it could jeopardize the custody of all her children. Kayla overhears this and burns her arm with a curling iron and blame Lynette, who is immediately placed under arrest.

When Tom visits Lynette at the jail, she says it's up to him to fix this, since Kayla is his daughter. Tom tells Kayla that when Lynette gets out of jail, she and Kayla won't be able to live in the same place anymore. Kayla assumes Lynette will be moving out, but Tom explains that Kayla's the one who'll be moving. Desperate to stay with Tom, Kayla admits that she made up the whole thing and that she burned herself because she hates Lynette so much. She asks if she confesses everything to the police, whether she can stay and Tom tells her, no, she can't. Kayla insists she'll keep lying, in that case, but the psychiatrist has been listening in and the jig is up. Kayla goes to live with her grandparents. As she's being driven away, she sobs, "Daddy, I'm sorry."

Bree runs into Orson at their church and orders him to stop stalking her, insisting there's no chance she'll take him back. While she's at lunch with the recently returned Reverend Green -- who tells her his wife just left him -- Orson shows up. Bree asks if she can take the reverend's hand to convince Orson that it's really over. It works and Orson leaves. Unfortunately, the reverend has been harboring a crush on Bree all along and moves in for a kiss. When she says she's not attracted to him, he is horribly insulted.
Orson arrives at church and when h is told that the reverend has been talking about a "redheaded harlot in their midst," and he goes to talk to Reverend Green. out of giving a sermon denouncing Bree. They accidentally activate the p.a. system, which transmits their argument to the whole congregation, who all hear the reverend call Bree a "flame-haired Jezebel" and Orson defending her honor. Bree is quietly trying to sneak out of church when Orson announces he's not going to let the reverend tell anyone that "Bree Hodge is a slut." Bree rushes to the reverend's office and finds Orson unconscious on the ground. She goes to the hospital to check on Orson, telling them she's his wife. He's resting and she says they needn't tell them she was there, but to take excellent care of him. "He's a good man," she says.

Susan and Mike agree to name their son Conner, but then Mike's grandfather dies and he wants to name the boy after him. Susan agrees, but regrets her decision when he tells her her that his grandfather's name was Maynard. Her friends try to persuade her to change the name since it's so awful. Susan goes to alter the name on the birth certificate, but is told that Mike has to sign it as well. Susan levels with the nurse about why she needs the name changed, but the nurse, whose name is Vanessa, sticks to the rules. Susan sees her chance when a new nurse, named Griselda, takes over her post
Susan's little change has gone unnoticed, until the hospital arrives with farewell balloons that read "Bon Voyage, Conner." Susan has to confess that she hates the name "Maynard." Mike tells her how his grandfather raised him after his father went to jail and that he wants to give his son someone to live up to, so Susan resigns herself to the name.

An undercover policeman poses as a handyman at Gabrielle's so that when Ellie leaves, they can break into her room. But when Ellie comes back unannounced and finds them there, Gabrielle has no choice but to pretend she's been having an affair with him! Ellie wants to know what she sees in the overweight schlub, and Gaby unconvincingly describes how passionate he is. But Ellie feels sorry for Carlos and tells him about the "affair." He angrily confronts Gaby, who tells him it was just a cover story

When Gaby tells Ellie that she knows she snitched on her, Ellie reveals her own sad story: Her mother cheated on her father and that led to Ellie ending up on the streets, doing things she hated to survive. She says she'd hate anything bad to happen to Gaby and Carlos, because she loves them. The police call to let Gaby know that the supplier is on his way and they're about to arrest him and Ellie. Gaby warns her that the cops are here and orders her to run for it out the back door.

Wayne confronts Katherine about Dylan's lack of a childhood scar. He demands one of Katherine's hairs to see if Dylan is her daughter at all. Before he gets the hair, Lee and Bob drop in, asking if Katherine can cater their commitment ceremony in a few days.
Adam returns once he hears that Wayne is back and offers to warn him off for Dylan's sake, but Katherine, who's been getting in some target practice at the gun range, says that won't be necessary. Adam next suggests that the three of them still take the graduation trip they once planned for Dylan, but never come back. Wayne shows up at Dylan's recital and asks Adam to help him change his tire. Adam, who's never met Wayne, agrees. While Adam is busy with the tire, Wayne knocks him out with the tire iron. Adam comes to in a shed, tied to a chair. Wayne introduces himself and says, "We're about to have some fun."

Katherine goes to the police to report that Adam has been kidnapped. While she waits for a policeman, we see her in a flashback, when she'd been beaten up yet again by Wayne. When the female officer taking the complaint found out that her husband is a respected patrolman, she advised Katherine to take her daughter and run, since the other cops would all be on Wayne's side.
The cop taking Katherine's statement about Adam turns out to be a friend of Wayne's, and thinks she only wants revenge on her ex. Realizing the police won't help, she runs home to pack and orders Dylan to do the same, but Dylan demands to know what's going on first. Katherine says she'll finally reveal the truth, although we don't hear what she tells Dylan. Whatever it is has Dylan running away in tears. Katherine goes to tell Bree she's sorry, but she has to bail on Bob and Lee's commitment ceremony, although she can't say why. Lynette, Susan, and Gaby smugly point out that Katherine's too aloof to be trusted, and that she'll never be a part of their group. Bree agrees they may be right, but insists that now they all have to help her out.Lynette has been walking on eggshells since Kayla left and wants to know when Tom's going to stop being angry with her. He insists he's not mad at her, but at the situation

Meeting with Bree and Lynette at the pizzeria, Bob and Lee fight over what to have as their wedding ice sculpture: Lee wants a castle, while Bob insists a cherub is more tasteful. Lee gives in after Bob calls him a diva, but Tom urges Lee to stand up for what he wants, or else he'll be caving in for the rest of his married life. Tom nods approvingly as Lee insists on the castle. Bob agrees, but tells the women to stick with the cherub. Bree goes to pick up the ice sculpture herself, but loses cell phone coverage and then her tire blows out. The ice sculpture starts to melt, so she commandeers a baby carriage to wheel it to the ceremony. Orson miraculously shows up to give her a ride. She's grateful, but says she still won't take him back, unless he turns himself into the police, as she'd originally asked. He says he just can't because he wouldn't survive it.

Julie is chosen for a student internship at Princeton but Susan tells her they can't afford it, then says she just was panicking about her leaving earlier for college. She lets Julie go, but gives her a cell phone to stay in touch.

When Lee sees the cherub ice sculpture, he announces that the ceremony is off. Lynette and Tom go to talk sense into the couple. Tom says they shouldn't get married if they're breaking up over an ice sculpture. "What are you gonna do when the big stuff happens?" he demands, saying that they better know that the person lying next to them in bed is worth it. As Bob and Lee agree to go on with the ceremony, Lynette kisses Tom, realizing he does still love her.

Wayne's cop friend calls him about Katherine's kidnapping claim and they both laugh it off. And then Wayne goes back to beating the truth about Dylan's whereabouts out of Adam
Carlos chews Gaby out for maxing out their credit cards. Then Ellie calls to ask Gaby for one last favor, to bring her a teddy bear she left behind as it has sentimental value since her father gave it to her. Suspecting it might be full of drugs, Gaby opens it up and finds over $100,000 in cash instead.

She and Carlos are planning what to do with the money when Ellie calls back and realizes she's found the cash. Gaby offers to split it with her, but Ellie threatens to throw acid in her face if one dime is missing. Gaby warns the police that Ellie is on her way, but she's already in the house. They fight for the duffel bag full of money and Gaby, with the bag in hand, runs out to summon the cops while Ellie escapes
Katherine returns home to find Wayne waiting for her. She runs for the gun, but Wayne shoves her aside, breaking her wrist, and grabs it. He wants to know what happened to the real Dylan but Katherine swears she won't tell him anything.

Adam escapes from where Wayne was holding him and hijacks a car.
Katherine warns Wayne that he won't have an alibi if he kills her, but then Ellie runs into Katherine's house. She grabs a knife when she sees Wayne, but he shoots her with Katherine's gun. "Now I have an alibi," he says, planning to make it look like the women killed each other. Katherine informs Wayne that Dylan's run off and is probably never coming back.

Bree is incensed to hear that Katherine hasn't left town after all, since Karen McCluskey just saw her. Bree storms over to Katherine's, insisting she needs to talk to her now. Not getting an answer, Bree just goes on in, and becomes Wayne's second hostage -- and his bargaining chip to get Katherine to finally tells the whole story.

Katherine had been hiding at her aunt's, but Wayne found her there. The aunt wanted to call the police, but Katherine told her to let Wayne in, vowing to protect her daughter one way or the other. Wayne insisted on seeing Dylan, but Katherine hit him on the head with a heavy candle holder. He left, but announced he'd be back.

Anxious to play with the doll her daddy left her, little Dylan went to reach for it on the top of a tall cabinet, and it came crashing down on her, killing her. Katherine buried her daughter in the backyard, rather than let Wayne learn the truth, or blame her for Dylan's death. She flew to Romania to find a girl who looked just like Dylan, and raised her as her own.

Adam, in a desperate attempt to reach Katherine, drives right through Bob and Lee's commitment ceremony. Wayne goes to stave off Adam and the two women wait in fear for Wayne's return. But it's Adam, with Wayne's gun, who comes up the stairs. Wayne is lying on the floor with a broken wrist and now Katherine turns the gun on him. He tells her this isn't over and that he'll make her pay when he gets out of jail. "I know," says Katherine, and shoots him.

Katherine refuses to say anything, but Bree tells the police that Katherine shot him in self defense. All her friends confirm how scared she was of Wayne and the same cop who phoned Wayne earlier to laugh about the kidnapping tells Katherine this was obviously self-defense, and orders her cuffs to be taken off. As she's being taken to the hospital, Dylan runs up to hug her.
Cut to five years later: Katherine is now an intrinsic part of the weekly poker game and all other aspects of life on Wisteria Lane. Orson and Bree are back together. And when Susan arrives home, it's not Mike who greets her with a kiss, but a man we've never seen before.

  Carmel Power May 20, 2008 10:49 PM

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