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The MarchApril adventure

CHINA | Friday, 27 April 2012 | Views [1033] | Comments [2]

Welcome back! I didn’t write a blog last month and so this will be a doubled up attempt at keeping you informed of my happenings. These 2 months have been very ordinary but I hope you still enjoy reading.

So let’s start with March!

…I have no idea what happened for the first half of this month but it was Crystal’s birthday in the middle! She turned a lovely 23. I spent quite a bit of time shopping for ideas and finally decided on a new phone. She liked it very much and it is pretty cool. It’s the ‘Samsung Galaxy something something’ but it’s MASSIVE. Having a few problems with it right now, nothing a good beating won’t fix (I think) but if that doesn’t work we are going to speak to someone who knows a little more about phones soon. On her birthday we ate some delicious foods and also went to the Canton Tower. It was a Tuesday and was NOT busy. It is this really tall tower, one of the tallest in the world I think, 600ish metres. At the top there is the world tallest bubble tram, like the London eye but horizontal. The building is pretty cool to look at and so was the tram to go on but being in the actually tower was preeeetty boring. There is nothing to do but look out, on Saturdays there is a glass stair case that is open and it spirals down like 40 floors but we didn’t get to give it a whirl…ha. Got a few photos and will get them online at some point, if not I will show you them when I come home next time J

I bought a laptop this month. It is pretty sweet! So now I have a shiny new computer and crystal has a shiny new phone and so now I have no money. I lived on 100 pounds for 20 days. It was rough!!!

So crystal and I are doing much better now which makes me happy to say. Relationship burning on all cylinders. She has also been promoted to the teaching director at her school. It seems to be quite difficult for her but with more time I think it will be easier. All her practice arguing with me is paying off as she is arguing a lot with the foreign teachers in her school. Also kicking ass and chewing gum. She has decided this is the job for her in the future so I hope she likes it. HOWEVER this job has come with a lot of totally unreasonable extras. She now gets calls all morning most mornings about work and essentially takes up all her free time. She also never got any real training and is getting some trouble for not knowing about things that she should have done but was never informed she had to do. I HATE THE MANAGEMENT IN MY COMPANY. They are so poorly organised and fill me with such hate ohhhhhhhh hate…it is actually closer to loathing.

School actually tries to be really nice to ME but to others and just some of the things they say and do which think is smart but is totally stupid. I have been given a class that goes over the end of one of my days work and they are paying me a bit more money for it which is cool. They also give me ALL our schools demo classes. So we have a team of people who go beat the streets and organise people to come and have a free demo class. I teach this and if the parents like it they sign their kids up. If they do this I get 5 pounds. So in April I got 14 kids to join our school (which is a looooooooot) so I got 70 pounds. This is the most I have signed or anyone I know has signed so I was pretty chuffed about it. The school makes between 1250 pounds and 2000 pounds per kid so I am helping the school too. The last few months I have been signing around 8 students a time as well so in total around 40 kids have signed up and paid to learn here. That can’t be a bad number for 6 months work. Our other ‘main’ school signs like 2 a month so I think it’s good.

I have discovered a new found love for smoothies. Blueberry or Lemon. DAMN they are good. The weather is warming up now and so the smoothies are the perfect drink. HOWEVER it is mostly stormy so it rains like never before with some serious displays of thunder and lightning.

As I said I spent the second half of April poor as a homeless person…so I didn’t do anything interesting during these days. Went for some walks, did some jogging in the gym and worked my butt cheeks off.

That takes us to April!

I got paid on the 10th and that was great, no more being poor! I got a little extra money because I had some training lessons for other teachers so Crystal and I ate some nice food for a few days. I also decided it was time to start saving money this month and so have put some aside to pay back my bank in the U.K. hopefully I can do that in the next 3 months.

I also painted some beautiful chinese themed eggs that will be uploaded too!

Still doing that I have money to party about with! So I went to Huizhou with crystal last weekend. We drank some beer, hung out and just chilled. Good times!

At work this month I have been really busy. We have to write lesson plans that will be going into a book and I have volunteered to correct the software. If do well at both of these I get some money so I have tried my best at these. I have also been given more classes so I am very close to my contract maximum which sucks because it is all different levels and so I have to prepare for a ton of different classes. Most of these classes I teach by myself because I can handle the kids and so I am just busy at work all the time. I go to work an hour before I have to start work just the get a back on track.  

This month has been really sedate outside of work. Sorry I couldn’t entertain anymore! Today is our Easter celebration and I am in charge of the egg and spoon race. The eggs are hollow so it should be interesting…

If anything exciting does happen I will let you know! I am back on Facebook so chirp me there :D

BUT you can tell me all about your happenings. How was your Easter?

Lots of Love, Sam

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Sam, a great catch up, All the questions I asked onSkype answered:)
Love Mum xx

  Mum Apr 28, 2012 10:10 PM


where are your photos Sam?

  Annie Jun 8, 2012 5:53 AM



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