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Christmas Party (School event)

CHINA | Tuesday, 4 January 2011 | Views [579] | Comments [1]

I was attempting to make a vlog for this day but its so much god damn work I gave up maybe 4 hours in....go me.


So this was the 18th of December! I had my first class at 9 30 and after that rushed over to the restaurant for the party. Got there about…11ish and didn’t do anything till 1! Excellent! How it went down was people came in around 10 30 until 11 and everything started then. We had lots of shows and singing and food but I will get to that.


The first show was by the L4’s who are around 7 or 8 usually. They sang a few carols which you can see on my youtube channel I think they are awesome but maybe that’s because 4 of them are my students! Mwhahahaaaaaaa


The second show I had a hand in was the L2’s singing! 4 out of the 5 of them are my students and they were amazing.  Especially ‘5 little monkies’ I cry everytime I watch it.

Rosanna played a BIG game of charades with a ton of students which went down pretty well too. I masterminded a game where teams of 2 race to dress as Santa faster than other pairs and the kids seemed to really enjoy that too.


There was a short play a wrote acted out by my L6C class which you can see on my youtube account. Not the best acting but they are at the age where looking stupid in public is a nono but in rehearsal they were really good.


Fred, played a game the Chinese really like. Its when a foreigner hears part of a Chinese song and then has to try and sing the rest and the other people guess the song. Fred tried his…best? They loved it anyway!


There was also a couple of story tellings from students. 2 students (one was mine hahahaaaaa again) recited pretty lengthy Christmas dialogs which were great as well.


During all of these I took photo’s ate some food and met a lot parents. There were 200 guests (kids and parents total) and a lot wanted just to say hi which was my pleasure because most of kids a re great.


My time came at 1ish where I dressed up as Santa and interview some of my students to prove they could actually speak English. After that I took this massive bag full of candies and handed them out to parents and student alike. Lots of photos and smiles! It was good fun. Took some time to get to everyone individually but when I was done it was time to go! Changed back into my work gear and went back to do 3 more lessons. A tiring day.

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<3 :P i have an email to send and a sad christmas bunny picture! look forward to that!

  cat Jan 5, 2011 1:50 PM



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