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Shenzhen + The Window of the World

CHINA | Tuesday, 4 January 2011 | Views [604]

So on a Tuesday a few weeks ago I went to Shenzhen. Its quickly becoming very big in China. It is where most people cross over from Honk Kong to mainland China. I went there because crystal was going there to see her cousin so I used her to get me where I wanted to go. Looking back it definitely would have been more fun with another person but I still had a good time. I wanted to go to this place called the Window of the world. It is a massive park filled with smaller replicas of some of the most famous sites around the world e.g. the pyramids and the Eiffel tower. I took a photo I think of almost everything. I am crap with the camera which I am sure you will see. I actually too so many photos that I had to start deleting some so I hope I didn’t remove anything good. There was also like a statue garden which had tons of statue replicas like the thinker. Pretty god damn cool. I spent 3 hours wandering about and time went really quickly. The detail was great and the nice weather didn’t hurt either. I went up the miniature Eiffel tower so now I have been up 2 of them woohoo! Bought some lucky beads half way up it! I managed to haggle down the price which surprised me because I am horrible at it. There is a link for the videos and for the photos below!


Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/samvanneilson/

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/murdos23

After coming out of there Crystal and I went in search of an iPod repair place and made it to the most enormous technology street it was fucking crazy. On road crossings green men for no more than 5 seconds and maybe 20 meters to travel everyone has to run across the street. There was tons of people, phones and everything technological. Found several cheap places to fix my iPod but they looked a little shady for me so I opted for no fixing. We jumped on the subway to head back to get a bus but Crystal took us miles away to a station that doesn’t go back to Huizhou so maybe another hour later and we were heading home on luckily the last bus. Excellent day, If not a bit lonely at the start and bit crowded at the end!

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