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China in a nut shell My dealings with China


CHINA | Tuesday, 7 December 2010 | Views [418]

Open: Sam waking up....alone. Feeling very positive about his new found sagedom, sageness, sageosity but found that he had opened the 4th on the 3rd from his advent calendar so sadly celebrated opening the 3rd of December door. Nah it was a freakin awesome day dudes thanks for all the happy birthdays.

I went to school feeling pretty fly. Got there and my first 2 classes went well. After that i came out and found all the teachers in my office with a big cake! It was a very nice cake with lots of fruit on it.........including TOMATOES! <facepalm> I then feeling very hungry went and had a massive freakin KFC! yuuuuuum. I made a .ppt during my break for my last class which wasnt bad.

Back to school and finished up my lessons. They went really well! My last class that i made the .ppt for i couldn't do because i couldn't get a computer room. So we went outside and had a run. Educational running of course. We calculated the km/h of the students 100m times. Usain Bolt runs 100m in 9.58secs at 37.7km/h. Larry my 11yr old S runs 100m in 17.53secs at a speed of 21.5km/h! CLOSE

After school i went home and had some chat with the family. And maybe a cheeky beer or 2. Went out for a cheeky meal at the korean across the road and it was amazing and not expensive at all. After drinking lots there and deciding not to go out we ended up at a club across town drinking lots of beer and shots. The music was expeceptionally loud that night i think. I lost my camera. They played happy birthday for me, invited me to VIP and set a tower of glasses of alcohol on fire at my table, although i don't remember drinking any of it! Lots of dancing, i was really going at so bumped into a few people but in my mind i was absolutely tearing it up. Some people must have agreed because they gave me a wide dancing area.....<tear> Decided suddenly that Crystal must take me home. Got my camera back at the door, some guy handed it in. EXCELLENT.

The next day my teaching suffered slightly. I sat through all my classes and 2 of my cute little kids asked if i was sick....sweet little blighters. BAD SAM!

The end.

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