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How heaven and hell both exist

CHINA | Friday, 3 September 2010 | Views [499] | Comments [2]

Let me tell you the end of that last 'story' was completely wrong. I developed a mega headache that forced me into the worst smelling chemist to mime a sore head for pain killers. I only had one class at 6 but before that a staff meeting. Discipline in the classroom was the aim of this training. Little did i know that this would be all to easy in theory however to get it to work on 10 4 year olds was an absolute joke.

When the Chinese teacher was there it was ok but when she left OH MY GOD. Some were fine, they listened repeated and played the games.... others fought wandered about or sat staring at me. I got very exasperated half way through but plowed on. I think it was the shock of not knowing that got me. I will try my best today to keep some order. Make a seating plan to stop the fighting!!! My other class is L7 i think which is 7 - 9 so that might be a little better. If it isn't i'm shaving my head so i don't pull my hair out.

So that was hell. Heaven you ask? An amazing massage parlor! BONG.

Hugh invited me to this place and it was amazing. Nice big sauna, Steam room and the massage...HUMPH. The Chinese like nakedness is all i can say. After some sauna-ing and steam rooming we got these red 'pj' type things and were whisked away for the massage. I was a bit confused as they kept speaking to me in Chinese but everything got sorted out eventually. You got the option for a half hour ear cleaning but i passed, i mean who knows whats in my ears! Anyway the massage was great, pretty painful at parts but i now know its supposed to hurt!!! I was pretty sure she was trying to break my neck at one point but i forgive her. After that a bit more sauna and home. Great evening for 10 pounds. We went at like 11pm, definitely going again!

Today is the worst day weather wise since i have been in China. Constant heavy rain and all at a mild 25+. Have a great day everyone who reads this.

Peace and Love Sam :) xxx

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haha you should go for the ear clean next time :P

  catriona Sep 4, 2010 5:29 AM


thats not what needs an extra clean ;) i dont even understand that myself but it weird me out....enjoy.

  samvanneilson Sep 4, 2010 6:12 AM



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