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A Fun but Useless RTW Journal Watch me RTW in 2 days less than the maximum period I can leave NZ with my loan remaining interest free without spraining my ankle/losing all possessions/becoming a Hungarian farmer's wife. NZ - TX - Chile - Bolivia - Colombia etc

Photos: La Serena

CHILE | Wednesday, 6 Jul 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Stargazing and Pisco Tasting: Four Days in La Serena

CHILE | Wednesday, 6 Jul 2011 | Views [2337]

"I know what you´re doing in Chile. You´re learning Spanish and you´re partying" - So said my seemingly simple brother when I accused him of not properly following my overseas adventures. Out of the mouth of babes. The fact that my last ... Read more >

Tags: chile, la serena, mamalluca, pisco

Observations on life in Santiago & the realisation that walkingboots lose novelty factors quick

CHILE | Saturday, 25 Jun 2011 | Views [1701]

Observation One: It must be difficult to be a newly single person in Santiago. (No, I didn't take these photos. Even I, photo taker extreme, draw the line at taking photos of strangers in intimate positions) With my reluctant ... Read more >

Tags: chile, plans, santiago

Photos: Valparaiso

CHILE | Saturday, 18 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

Hola Valpo!
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The Hills of Valparaíso

CHILE | Saturday, 18 Jun 2011 | Views [2399]

Ahh, what a difference a split second can make to one's life/plans/emotions... ...but more on that later. On Wednesday, I went to my new favourite city in Chile - Valparaíso. Known popularly as 'Valpo' in Chile, its a coastal city known ... Read more >

Tags: chile, disappointment, sprained ankle, valparaiso, valpo

Becoming a Chileana

CHILE | Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011 | Views [918]

HOLA FROM CHILE! I've been here for 5 or so days now, and so far am super enjoying it. One of my very good friends from Texas, Katie, moved to Santiago a year ago after graduating from college, and has spent the last year working ... Read more >

Tags: bolivian buses, chile, santiago, spanish

Hola America de la Sur!!

COLOMBIA | Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011 | Views [899]

I have a confession - despite years of living overseas and the countless plane trips I´ve taken in my life, when I was a kid, takeoffs scared the shit out of me. Until my early teens, I was legitimately convinced every single plane I flew on would ... Read more >

Tags: childhood memory, flights, scared, turbulence

Four Hours in Miami International

USA | Friday, 10 Jun 2011 | Views [1108]

After not one, but two, frantic rushes to the airport with plastic bags trailing everywhere, bag bursting due to not being packed correctly and generally massive uselessness for my Christchurch - Austin and Austin - Miami legs, I resolved that this leg ... Read more >

Tags: airports, miami, on my way, transit hell

Photos: Don't Mess With Texas

USA | Friday, 10 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

My grand return to Texas, 11 months after my year long exchange
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Re-Texanifying Myself All Over Again

USA | Thursday, 9 Jun 2011 | Views [603]

The last time I wrote, I was impatiently awaiting my connecting flight to LAX which was going to bring me one step closer to Austin, my adopted hometown. Now that I'm sitting in a dreary airport hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida awaiting my flight ... Read more >

Tags: austin, exchange, happiness, texas

Fiji Winter does not require NZ Winter clothing requirements

FIJI | Sunday, 15 May 2011 | Views [635]

After the worst possible preparation for a six month RTW trip this morning, I somehow made it to Nadi International Airport, where I have 5 hours to kick my feet. Now that I have managed to buy my travel insurance (whoops), confirmed my parents have ... Read more >

Tags: unorganisation, uselessness

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