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The VISdom of VISiting raVIShing VIS

CROATIA | Friday, 4 November 2011 | Views [1937]

Alex and I spent our first five minutes in Croatia bitching about how poor the ink quality was for Croatian entry stamps. Later on in the week, we became very bitter when we realised our time in Bosnia (observe map below to discover why we got a free trip to Bosnia for our Split-Dubrovnik bus ride) wasn't going to get us any stamps. Alex later declared "I would totally rate the Balkans based on their passport stamps." Ridiculous, us? Never.

Finding the airport bus, we avoided being ripped off by the driver who solemnly told us a one way far would cost 300 kuna (c. 60 NZD) When we stared back dumbfounded, he stared back at us for ages before saying "Ha. Ha. I just joke." My arse, I suspect he makes a nice sideline income taking advantage of tourists who haven't researched the exchange rate yet. In the process of getting cash out of the ATM at the airport, I was informed my account had insufficient funds, leaving me financially reliant on Alex. The humor in this is that in both Costa Rica and my second semester in Texas, I had lots of issues with finances and had to borrow money off Alex so frequently he dubbed himself Banco de Alejandro. Despite assuring myself I was much more dependable than two years ago, it was right back to making a loan application to B of A. I'm lucky he is very generous when it comes to interest rates on loans.

Smiling happily for the camera, unaware of what Alex has just done to me in the Green Lagoon

The rest of the day was spent lazing, reading and chatting in the sun as we slowly made our way around Vis. When we returned we changed into nice clothes as we were off to a fancy dinner out at Roki's. Vis has heaps of restaurants that are essentially a family serving amazing slow food at their houses called konobas. They are normally located in the interior of island so will both pick you up and drop you off and prepare everything themselves. We had prebooked an octopus dish and it was delicious. Accompanied by, naturally, copious amounts of Croatian red wine and the delightful entertainment  of the family cat playing with a recently killed mouse. It was very nice way to finish our time on Vis, our new favourite Croatian island and we were both very sad that we were moving on the next morning.

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