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The fastest month of my life!

Friday, 25 Apr 2008 | Views [416] | Comments [1]

  I've been known to make people feel incredibly awkward. I hear that all the time. I know this is another one of those times and I made you all feel very awkward because I haven't heard a single response all week. So I'm sorry. This week back at school ... Read more >

A Revisto

Friday, 11 Apr 2008 | Views [372]

Yesterday our art class was cancelled for the afternoon, so Bradie and I wanted to make the best of the time that would normally be spent in class.  We took the bus to Marseille and spent the afternoon walking along the port and then finding a nice place ... Read more >

a Villiage in the Valcluse

Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Views [505]

The last school excursion was today.  At Isle de la Sorgue there was a huge market that we explored.  Our guide had told us about the melon here.  There's a well-known chef who makes everything melon, and he's an artist who makes his own paint from melon ... Read more >

Don't get in the car with just anyone...wait until they pull over first.

Saturday, 5 Apr 2008 | Views [353]

Today was another one of the most beautiful days since I've been here.  I woke up early and went for a run in the park.  It smelled so good--very fresh and a little flowery.   I made plans with my friend Kaia from school to paint at Mt. St-Victoire ... Read more >

My parents fall victim to Colette's food attacks.

Friday, 28 Mar 2008 | Views [318]

I finally took mom to the market this morning.  She had fun picking out all the different vegetables and getting to sample cheeses and such.  We bought the ingredients for my Spontaneous Ratatouille, and also some salad and some cheese.  I had a feeling ... Read more >

Fumbling French

Thursday, 27 Mar 2008 | Views [317]

After my full day of class, we took Colette out to dinner as a thank you for all she's done for me.  I was so tired that my French was horrible tonight.  I felt like a failure.  I kept mistranslating things and then wondering if I should go back and correct, ... Read more >

Art and Aperitif

Tuesday, 25 Mar 2008 | Views [287]

Bradie stayed the night last night, and this morning we woke up early and ate breakfast, but my parents slept in.  My first class of the day was actually my art critique.  It wasn't a class at all, but I tried to use this time to understand the art concepts ... Read more >

Almost imprisoned at the hotel

Monday, 24 Mar 2008 | Views [373]

We woke up at 4 to make sure we could be at the airport in time for Chuck's flight.   We walked downstairs with our bags and the front door was locked.  We couldn't leave the hotel!  We tried our room key in it, we tried wriggling this and that, we started ... Read more >

Easter Sunday

Sunday, 23 Mar 2008 | Views [338]

In the morning we took the TGV back to Paris.   This is Easter Sunday, and we happened upon an entire orchestra playing in one of the cave-like hallways of the subway once we got into the city.  An entire orchestra.  They were dressed in street clothes ... Read more >

It would be a shame to be late for a gang bang.

Saturday, 22 Mar 2008 | Views [401]

This is what one of our French friends from the engineering school told us one night when we were late.  Then we taught him what that means, so he laughed and uses it even more. --------------------------------------------- Saturday morning was beautiful, ... Read more >


Friday, 21 Mar 2008 | Views [275]

We had planned to go to Nice today, but the weather was awful, so we decided a rainy day would be a bad choice for spending on the coast.  We visited Colette for a little while in the morning and then we walked to the bus station in the afternoon to ... Read more >

The French revolt

Thursday, 20 Mar 2008 | Views [298]

Today was the day I got to REALLY show Chuck how busy my days of class can be.  Even though they are not very hard, they are very time consuming...and the day gets long.  Maybe now he'll understand why I can't be writing letters as much as he would like ... Read more >

Serendipidous Stew

Wednesday, 19 Mar 2008 | Views [307]

We wanted to spend the whole day at Mt St-Victoire today, but I had one class that I had to go to and it was in the middle of the day.  Almost nothing was accomplished in this class and I was really frustrated that I had wasted half of the day so that ... Read more >

Chuck spends his spring break taking me to class

Monday, 17 Mar 2008 | Views [307]

Chuck came to my classes today.  My first class was completely in French so he didn't understand any of it.  But he did understand what was happening as the first order of business before class started, even though this was all happening in French, too.... Read more >

Food and Politics

Sunday, 16 Mar 2008 | Views [461]

Today we had to wake up at 5:30 to go to the Gare de Lyon and head back down to Aix-en-Provence.  I love the train station because it looks like a huge greenhouse with the windows on the top and the metalwork decorations look so old-fashioned.  I had ... Read more >

A Day in Paris Together

Saturday, 15 Mar 2008 | Views [309]

I readied my disguise this morning and headed for the airport.  My train to the airport was late, but when I got there no one from his plane had gotten off yet.  Or so I thought.  I waited at the gate with my big sunglasses on and a scarf wrapped around ... Read more >

A day to myself in Paris

Friday, 14 Mar 2008 | Views [272]

Today I took the TGV very early into Paris.   I got here at 9:15, so I had the whole day to myself in the city.   I went to a cafe first, for tea and a tartine (toast) and I worked on my sketchbook for art there, watching the passersby and the fountain ... Read more >

la peste

Thursday, 13 Mar 2008 | Views [345]

In my history class, we are learning about the black plague, which in French they called "la peste".  What a cute name for something so awful.  Right now I'm experiencing a little "la peste" myself, though not nearly so severe.  Just ... Read more >

Midterm week continues.

Tuesday, 11 Mar 2008 | Views [297]

Today I had my last midterm of the week....they were all crammed into the first two days of this week and it was pretty awful. I had four exams and a paper due in that short amount of time. And most of the exams...actually, ALL of them, were ... Read more >

Midterm week begins

Monday, 10 Mar 2008 | Views [345]

Today I had two very long exams and then I had teaching at the end of the day. My teaching partner, Mandie, was feeling confident about last week and was hoping it would go so well this week. We both made worksheets, and this week our topic was 'the ... Read more >

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