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tales of the Independent Traveller

Gallery: Kids at the Orphanage

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 20 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Me and my kids at CLC

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 13 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

This is the center where I volunteer.
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The Wise Old Man- Tale from the Khmer people

CAMBODIA | Monday, 1 Jun 2009 | Views [902] | Comments [1]

There is a man who lives in the middle of the Cambodian country side. You can only get there by moto and then trek through the rice paddy fields on foot. It is a long journey but some say it is worth it. The story goes that people come from all cambodia ... Read more >

Are Caring People a dying breed?

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 30 May 2009 | Views [567]

There are some people in this world who dedicate there life to helping others and there are some people who dedicate their life to helping themselves. It is this second category that makes my heart bleed. These people are not specified by age, money ... Read more >

Gallery: Traditional Khmer Wedding

CAMBODIA | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

Miss Tou's wedding in the countryside of Kampot Province
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Life in Kampot

CAMBODIA | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Views [659]

It has almost been two months since I arrived in kampot and I have loved every minute. There has been a few pot holes along the way but all have been easily dodged and i still have a big smile uopn my face. My days are quite busy for the Cambodia ... Read more >

The Orphanage with very few orphans.

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 25 Apr 2009 | Views [827]

Well I think the title says it all. I always said that I was not sure what the orphanage was going to be like when I arrived and that I could never say what they would need as far as resources go. Well, It's been full of surprises. I visited the orphanage ... Read more >

Home in Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009 | Views [713]

I have made my home in Kampot and have had a great first few weeks. Cant believe its the third week already. A few things are as to be expected but also some are not. Internet is really slow, hence no updated photos for quite some time. Atmosphere ... Read more >

Read this with a glass of wine.

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 4 Apr 2009 | Views [676]

In Phnom Phen now. And I will worn you to pour yourself a glass of wine and maybe have the bottle next to you whilst reading this. I warn you, it will bring tears to your eyes but this experience needs to be shared. On my first day in Phnom Phen, I ... Read more >

The Adventures of 8 through Laos.

LAOS | Sunday, 29 Mar 2009 | Views [545]

We started off as a group of nine: myself, Julia and Marie (Germany, met in Pai), Sam and Gabriel (Austrians, met on slow boat), Vi (france, met on slow boat), Dina (Holand, met on slow boat) her friend Pam (Seattle USA, met once I got off the slow ... Read more >

Life into Laos on the Mighty Mekong. Slowly, Slowly!

LAOS | Friday, 27 Mar 2009 | Views [549]

Life in Laos is so expensive (compared to Thailand that is) and thats why I have been so slack with my blog. Arrived in Laos 12 March 2009 via the slow boat. Life in Laos has been wonderful. It started by taking the slow boat from Chiang Kong on ... Read more >

Gallery: Buidlings for Dad

THAILAND | Monday, 9 Mar 2009 | Photo Gallery

These are especially for Dad. He just wasn't content with seeing what I had been doing, he wanted to see what the building were like!
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Just about to Leave Pai

THAILAND | Monday, 9 Mar 2009 | Views [325]

I've been in Pai now for almost 3 weeks but know that its time to get on with my journey. It has been a wonderful experience. I've met many new friends some of those whom I will hopeful see again as I travel through Laos. There is not much news from ... Read more >

Gallery: next Adventure to Pai

THAILAND | Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Capture by the taste of Pai !!!

THAILAND | Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 | Views [604]

Well I made it to Pai (pronounced pie) and now I dont think i can leave. It is a wonderful small village with narrow streets lined by wooden shops and guest houses. Bamboo bungalows grace the waters edge and the landscape is filled with mountain views.... Read more >

Turning 28 in Thailand

THAILAND | Saturday, 21 Feb 2009 | Views [335]

I had a wonderful birthday in Chiang Rai whilst I was still on the Intrepid Tour. Funny enough, I almost missed it. Have not been running on a calender for 2 weeks now and have found it very difficult to know what day it was. Whilst Lara ( my room mate ... Read more >

Gallery: Intrepid Trip Week 2

THAILAND | Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

After the trek
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Gallery: Happy Birthday to Me!

THAILAND | Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

Pui made my birthday great!
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Gallery: Hilltribe Trek

THAILAND | Monday, 16 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

Tripping through nth Thailand hilltribes
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What were we thinking?

THAILAND | Monday, 16 Feb 2009 | Views [309]

We have just arrived back in Chiang Rai after a 3 day Hill tribe trek to the Lizu and Akha hilltribe villages. Oh my god! What were we thinking!!! We had Pui our guide and 2 other guides come with us. Their names were Gin (introduced as Like gin and ... Read more >

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