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The End Draws Near

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 11 May 2009 | Views [494] | Comments [1]

Today was my last full day in New Zealand. I never thought that 8 weeks could fly by so fast, but they have. I'll not sum up my time in New Zealand quite yet, I'll save that until after LA when I make my last entry, but it has been just absolutely amazing.

Today I took it pretty easy in the morning. I got up at like 10.30, the latest in a very long time, and had a wee banter online with Stephen and Duncan which was nice, made some plans for when I get home. I also booked my hostel in LA, up until the 20th, just incase its really busy when I get over there and I have nowhere to stay. The weather outside was pretty attrocious, there was so much rain. It did make the sea really rough though which looked pretty cool.

Alberto and Berend were both heading out for the day so I was left to fend for myself, all alone in Piha. They'd recommended some walks I could do though so I decided that if the weather cleared up, I would go out for a bit of a look around. Before Berend left he said that if I wanted I could take Meg, their friends dog.

After some lunch it was beginning to look pretty clear. I stuck on a raincoat just incase, stuck the dog on her lead and headed out. I had directions written on the back of an envelope with me to make sure I didnt get lost.

The walk was really really nice. I walked along the beach a little, then through the village and then up a reallly long street, past some pretty expensive looking houses, until I was at the beginning of the track to Kitekite Falls. I let the dog off for a run around and followed the track through some rainforest, along side the river, until I reached a lookout opposite the waterfall. Because of all the rain latley it was in pretty heavy flow and it looked awesome. I took a few pictures then followed another track down to the base of the waterfall and took some more. After a bit of a run around with the dog, we headed back to the house for a coffee. It kind of made me miss having a dog and being able to take it for walks; dont think my cats would take to being put on a lead.

Tonight I'll probably just start to get my bags ready for the plane tomorrow and watch some TV. Berends making a veggie stir fry specialy for me too. Hopefully I'll be able to make one last NZ entry tomorrow before I leave the country.




It's amazing how quick time flies. Enjoy your time in LA, and have have a safe journey back to this country.
See you when you get back xxxx

  Tracy May 12, 2009 12:20 AM



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