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Conquering Nevis

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 29 April 2009 | Views [936] | Comments [1]

This morning I got up and I felt very very nervous. This afternoon at I would be doing my bungy jump. I had some breakfast to try and settle my stomach and gave my mum a call to tell her that I'd had a nice life and that I loved her. I got myself ready and headed down to the bungy jump center in Queenstown.

After I was all checked in I had to sit and wait for the bus to come and pick us up. I was a little bit shakey but much less than I imagined that I would have been. I think everyone else that was waiting felt the same.

The bus came and we all jumped on for the 40 minute ride out to the bungy platform. As time passed and we got closer my nerves got worse and worse. Everyone on the bus was just like "oh..my god" as we drove up the hill towards the platform. Looking over the side, as the ground grew further and further away, it was a long way down.

At the top we emptied our pockets, were strapped into our harnesses and weighed up. From there we headed out in small groups to the jumping platform, by means of a tiny cable car type thing. As we moved out along the wire I looked down. I was more than a little bit shakey now anyway. On the way over I could see the group that were ahead of me jumping down, knowing that I was about to do the same.

Inside the jumping platform I coudnt keep still. I paced back and forwards, watching others jump until I was called up. I sat on a ledge and had 2 nice flourecent yellow things put on my legs, for the bungy to be attatched to. I was sat on a chair right and attached to the bungy cord. By now all of my nerves had changed into excitement and I just couldn't wait to jump off.

After a quick pre-jump photo I shuffled up to the edge and looked down. I could not believe I was about to do this. I was counted down from 5 and I umped off without hesitation. It was such an amazing amazing amazing experience. Freefalling through the air is unreal, I felt so so scared and so so happy at the same time, and my stomach completley came up into my mouth. It's much different to sky diving since your closer to the ground so you can tell that your falling towards it.

The bungy cord reached it's full length and I slowed just in time to miss the ground. As I bounced back up I said to myself aloud "that was amazing". I had to fiddle with a seperate cord for ages to pull myself into a sitting position and I was wound back up to the top.

I cant decide which I liked better, bungy or skydive, but my jump today was so so so amazing, and I'm so glad I done it. Im still pretty pumped with adrenaline right now. I will definately do another one in the future, hopefully bigger!

I don't care what I do tonight cos it's not going to be better than what I just did today!




Well done!!
Go to the -5 Bar for a few Vodka Shots

  Paul Apr 29, 2009 3:27 PM



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