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Two hitches to Ushuaia!

ARGENTINA | Friday, 16 January 2009 | Views [1074] | Comments [7]

Laina in Ushuaia

Laina in Ushuaia

So leaving Rio Grande by bus costs more then our budget allows, so we had to resort to our old way of transport, Hitch hiking! We walked to the edge of town, stuck our thumbs out, and waited.... 1/2 hour went by, and we needed to change our strategy. I got a big peice of sheetrock, and wrote "Amamos Viajar X Argentina" (we love to travel across argentina) and quite rapidly got picked up by a truck, who was headed to town halfway. The ride was boring except for the occasional Guanaco, a llama relative. When we got closer to the town of Tolhuin, the view got much more interesting. We got dropped off and then headed back to the high to start hitching. Tolhuin was significantly colder then Rio Grande, and we could see snow up on the mountains, which was a chilling sign. We got our second ride quickly, because of our fancy sign, and he took us straight to Ushuaia. The last 40 minutes of the drive to Ushuaia are unbelieveable. The mountainous relief is right up next to the road, and at some points you can´t see the top of the mountains right next to you. Alos there is a lake here that is very large, and the water is soo blue, that it is very impressive. The mountains go straight down into the lake, and it is very beautiful. Rounding the final turn, we can see ushuaia, a coastal port town, and supposedly the southernmost town in the world. Ushuaia is tucked away in a pocket of mountiansthat are all snow capped and spikey. Across the bay there are more mountains, and they are also very dramatic. There are many boats in the bay, some sailboats, and some cruise boats that are headed to Antarctica(only 620 miles away). We found a nice hostel, that was absolutley packed, and made a meat filled dinner, and went to sleep.

Today we walked around most of the town, it is cloudy, windy and rainy. I expected this weather, because I read a book about this Tierra Del Fuego, and how inhospitable it can be. We walked down onto the causeway, and ate  uch and watched the Kelp and Dolphin gulls. They were picking up mussels and flying into the air, to drop them frmo a height, to crack them for food. From the causeway you can see most of ushuaia, I got a picture, and Ill upload ASAP, and the mountains and dark clouds behind the town.

In our new hostel, there are many Isaelis, in the room i am in right now there are 4, and outside there are at least 4 more. They are very friendly and fun people, and there are many of them. We are yet to run into a person from the US in this part of the world... Interesting..

We will do some hiking in the area for the next few days, I will try to upload the pictures, but mostly we will rest from so much travel.



I just wrote a long letter to you and then it disappeared!!
Anyway, I am glad you got a ride. I have picked up hikers but have never hicthed before.
As Aunt Susan said, we met them in Oregon but instead of four days we had a whole week on the coast...180 degree view of the ocean and steps away from the beach...So you guys arent the only adverturers...ha!!
Aunt Susan is the pingpong champ and Uncle Richard won the gin tournament.
We went on to travel the Redwood highway and stopped and saw Karnas house. We also stopped in Sacramento and had lunch with Jim Anderson.
I love reading all you writings, but I would say that I am curious if Laina is being a bit spoiled by not writing. Remember little Laina Pat...use it or lose it....your typing skills I mean.
I like reading what everyone else writes, I feel like I am getting to know Nicks family a bit. Hopefully we will all gather at the wedding!!!!!!!
Lachlan is crawling all over and pulling himself up. He will be something to see at the Lots this summer.
Keep writing and I will be better about writing too.
Uncle Richard is going Steelhead fishing tomorrow in Kooskia. Our friend Robbie bought a drift boat.
It is foggy and cold in Boise.
An airline crashed into the Husdon river today and all passengers and crew made it out and hardly any injuries.
A miracle!!!!!!
Love, Aunt Pat xxx000

  Aunt Pat and Uncle Richard Jan 16, 2009 12:01 PM



I finally had to get out my atlas to find out where you are. I found rio grande, but the last town was not on the map. I am amazed that there are so many travelers in south america. what is uch? could you live there? While we were on our trip to Brookings, we found a great coffee place and a good library and I thought "I could live here".

Love, aunt mary

  aunt mary Jan 17, 2009 6:45 AM


uch is a type of lunch, the kind of lunch that you get when the keyboard is sticky.

Ushuaia is very similar to parts of alaska!

  nick Jan 17, 2009 9:01 AM


I love unch! and eckfast, and for that matter inner! oooh, and acks. Love some acks. The picture of Laina looks like some villages in Alaska I've been in, only the roads aren't paved where I was in Alaska due to weather and frequent earthquakes. Marty left for sea last week so Connor and I are getting into the new grind. Gearing up to watch the inaguration and will try to not be smug.

Love you guys,

  Susie Jan 17, 2009 11:17 AM


Hola..mad nomads..Dad here. So again so much fun to read all you are seeing, doing. I read a vacation journal about going to Antartica and was amazed at how many ships sink, don't make it,,etc etc..so even though it is only 620 miles away, from what I read it is a risky trip...probably expensive too....enough said on that part..I am seriously looking into Peru in April or so..maybe Ecuador at the end of April..any clue where you might be so we can meet up for a few days...let me know..Today was my craziest so far this month but lucky me I only have about two more weeks that I plan on working for at least sometime..yea! Getting real tired of this years "inversion" hopefully it will go away soon..Love ya. Dad

  jim dunn Jan 17, 2009 1:22 PM


Lips Laina---Angelina Jolie anyone? Thanks for the updates, the weather sounds a lot cooler than those sweltering days in Brazil...how long are you staying ?
We've been missing the food descriptions--how is the food there ?
Love, Holly

  holly Jan 18, 2009 12:59 AM


Boy! You are too funny! I loved the idea about the sign - how inventive. We can't wait to see the pictures. I'll be thinking of you all while I am laboring over my computer this weekend writing all my report cards for my kids. Right now, the temperature is -6 degrees here in CT. Can you believe that? It was 44 in Fairbanks, Alaska yesterday! Come home, I miss you! Love, Mommy

  Mommy Jan 18, 2009 1:22 AM

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