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COLOMBIA | Sunday, 26 April 2009 | Views [1458] | Comments [3]

Sunset in Taganga

Sunset in Taganga

I´ve gotta admit, Colombians have style. Getting into a taxi cab, the driver sipping a infinitely small cup of dark black colombian coffee(the first group of south americans who actually drink drip coffe, not instant), nice colombian guitar music in the background, and general cool attitude, Colombian have shown themselves to me within my first week here to be the most outgoing and warm hearted people we have met.

Landing in Bogotá after about a day´s worth of delays, and a free night in the airports Ramada, we were totally stoked to be in Colombia. From what we had heard, all the traveller who were here before us told us that Colombia is a must see, and that as long as you are careful, the country is not much more dangerous then Peru. Once in Bogota, we headed to the bus station and caught the first ride to the Caribbean coast, in the direction of Santa Marta, about 4 hours NE of Cartagena. The drive was beautiful, so much rainforest, greenery and banana orchards. I was in heaven after the 48 days of Peruvian deserts. Once in Santa Marta, we took a taxi to nearby, Taganga, a tropical beach neighborhood with a very strong beach lovers vibe. Taganga is beautiful, and filled with bathingsuit clad travellers, and many Colombians. We met up with Cristiana(if you can remember, she was our host at the very begining of the trip, in Rio de Janeiro) And spent the day drinking fresh squeesed juice, laying on the beach, and swapping travelling stories. The sunsets here are beautiful, but not quite matching the ones in Pisco, Peru.

We all hike over to Playa Blanca, the next beach over, and spent the day in the sun. The water here is slightly chilly, due to all the fresh water input. We watch the local kids fish without a fishing pole, only bait and line, and they caught 4 fish, big ones too! They plan on selling them at the market.

So far we are having such an awesome time here in Taganga, and soon we will split up with cristiana, and head to Parque National Tayrona! It is a National park, in a huge tropical rainforest! Awesome!

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So nice to hear from you again. Columbia does sound much nicer than Peru. Have a great time with your Dad, Laina. I was surprised that you did not want to go to Manchu Pichu. The pictures were beautiful.

We are going to the Baltic region--(June 15) Amsterdam to St Petersburg and back to Greenich. We will see Oslo, Helsinki, stockholm, Copenhaugen, Visby, parts of germany, Tallin and 2 days in St. Petersburg. Pretty awesome.

Love, Aunt Mary

  aunt mary Apr 28, 2009 3:50 AM


Hi Nick and Laina,
Columbia looks great. I met a woman on the plane who told me how great the beach was at Santa Marta. How is it money wise as compared to Peru ? As you probably know we will be in St. Croix on July 11, in a beautiful villa about 15 minutes from Christianstaad. We are looking forward to it. You both look well, it must feel good to be out of the high altitude. Talk to you soon. Your birthday gifts will be on their way soon...23, right ?
Love, Holly

  holly Apr 28, 2009 10:07 PM


What a beautiful picture of you two lying on the beach!! You look happy and healthy...Wonderful!!
Did you get the Easter candy from Uncle Rich and me?
I will print off your blog for gramma Marcella.
Love to you both!
Aunt Pat

  Aunt Pat May 1, 2009 2:03 AM



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