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Nick and Laina's Adventures

Rio de Janeiro!

USA | Friday, 5 December 2008 | Views [1644] | Comments [7]

So today we made it to Brasil!!It is so wonderful here! It was a struggle to get here , but much worth it!

 After 3 Long days of flying  and flying we cover about 8k miles to get here. I got the 12 hour flu the day before we left boise, so i was alright. However when laina got the flu, we were going to bed in portland the night before our big flight. So in the morning, our couchsurfing host´s dad, Eric, gave us a ride to the airport(very nice) and Laina was virtually incapacitated as the desk clerk told me I couldn´t go to brazil because i had no proof of my departure from the country! I ended up buying a rufundable ticket on the spot so i could board the plane. As I walked through the airport, my pack on my back and lainas on my chest, with two gigantic purses on each shoulder, I made it to the gate, and took a much needed break, and laina took a long nap. I am knitting a hat out of yarn for one of my upcoming couchsurfing hosts, Its nice way to put behind the thought of customs turning me around in my tracks and sending me back to the states!

      Ok so after almost a day of flying from portland, we landed in Rio! Immediately I noticed its simularities to Hawaii! Mango trees! Loaded with fruit! I saw huge, lush green spikey mountains, all over the horizon, palm trees everywhere, and the immistakble sound of portuguese conversation. We quickly gave our friend cristiana a call, headed to the Real oniautobus, and got on for an hour long drive through Rio de Janeiro. The drive was very interesting! At first there were Favelas, the brazilian term for slums, they were numurous, with many people drying laundry, and playing games. Then of course the random castle, im not joking, there in the middle of the favela is a Castle! very interesting. Some of the other architecture is absolutly gourgous, but it has graffiti and a definate sense of brazilian culture. We got off the bus at none other then Copacabana beach, the atlantic ocean, a beautiful stretch of beach culture, hotels and apartments. In the air I saw many Magnificent Frigatebirds, a large seabird that look slike a pterodactyl, an acient dinosaur.

We made our way up one of the smaller streets with the ocean to our backs, and got to cristianas apartment. We settled in and tooks shower to freshen up after the long travel, then we headed out to the beach strip for a better look.

Copacabana is beautiful, In the background you can see the classic Rio horizon, filled with those lush green peaks of mountains far away, the breeze is thick with troical warmth and salt from the ocean. We bought a coconut and took a seat facing the water, admiring the sunset behind us. We are very excited to be in Rio and can´t wait for tommorow.


p.s. I worte this in 20 mins. sorry for any errors, grammatical or spelling




Wow, what an adventure! I'd like to hear more about the ticket that you had to buy? That sounds like a bummer. How long will you stay at Christina's? Where's your next stop? mommy

  Cindy Brooker Dec 5, 2008 10:48 AM


Hi Nick and Laina,
Nick, first I have to say despite some missing letters in words, I am very impressed with your writing ability. I like your descriptions--lush green spikey mountains, the breeze is thick with tropical warmth---nice ! I can't understand why you had to buy a ticket and Laina didn't ?
Glad you are there safe and sound. Hope you are both feeling better. Can't wait to hear your next adventure. Love, Holly

  holly Dec 5, 2008 11:37 PM


Great to see that you made it there. The ticket purchase sounds like something related to you using the Swedish passport as you boarded the plane. You should have spoken with me before this trip, as I started to warn you about the pitfalls of using dual passports, as an American you need a brazilian visa, as a Swede you don't, however as a Swede you must have proof of entry/exit visa to the States, so sitting in 2 chairs makes for some ambiquity. Anyway you made it, your writing is great, can't even believe it's from you.
Anyway keep the blog entries coming, with addresses and if possible telephone numbers and times you can be reached on those numbers, in which case we can call you.

  Peter Seferovic Dec 6, 2008 1:17 AM


Hi Guys,,,After the last word about your getting sick, your mom and I were of course worried but we figured no word must be good. And of course lots of prayers. Well I am very excited for you and can't wait to hear about your ongoing adventures. Funny you mentioned Cocacobana as that is exactly where Keith said they were accosted by a 12 year old thug...maybe those are the ones you best need to keep a watchful eye out for...what is the time zone difference between there and Boise? Also look into buying an international calling card..but either way this blog is great. Love Dad

  jim dunn Dec 6, 2008 2:02 AM


Frigate birds do not look like pteradactle.
I drank a coconut today too.
Every where I go in southern India looks like Hawaii but dirtier.
Be careful in the Favela.
Bring me back a bikini.
Hope your all better little lainy.

  Sari Dec 6, 2008 2:23 AM


Hi you two!
Well...bummer on the ticket, but knowing you two, it will get refunded or something. So sorry about Laina being sick. When you told me to make Oregeno tea , I did Laina. Your descriptions are great and I am so visual that I feel like I went with you to hear the Samaba music. Thanks so much for all the help with the party, but most of all thanks for being so "open and honest" with your feelings.
You both a wonderful and thanks for sharing your trip. I will live through you vicariously, that is for sure.
Love, Aunt Patxxx

  Aunt Pat Dec 6, 2008 5:50 AM


i started reading your journals backward...so you may not read this. great way to start your trip,,ha....now everything will be great except for the l2 year old thugs.......xxooaunt susan

  aunt susan Dec 7, 2008 11:52 AM



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