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One Israeli, Three Israelis and the Long Trip South

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 15 January 2009 | Views [967] | Comments [6]

Tierra Del Fuego

Tierra Del Fuego

Our campground in Las Grutas turned out to be a quite nice place. There were many people who came top us and talked to us, because we were the only foreigners there. Everyone was friendly, and by the time we left, we had made some new friends. In the morning, we cleaned up and showered for our very long bus ride this afternoon. At 12:30 we got on our bus headed to Rio Gallegos, the southernmost town in Argentina that is not on Tierra del Fuego. On the bus we met an Israeli girl that was vegetarian, and could not understand what the bus attendant was telling her, and the employee got laina to translate. Soon afterwards, we started talking and found out she was on a 10 month trip around SA and she was working with Ocelots (a jungle cat) in Bolivia! We want to work with ocelots! She just finished the army, which is mandatory for guys and girls in Israel, and now she is on her travel time between army and college. Our bus ride took 23 hours to get to Rio Gallegos, and when we got off, we immediately switched to another bus to take us to Rio Grande, because all the busses to Ushuaia had left.

We crossed the border into chile, and then got onto a ferry to Tierra del Fuego. When we were on the ferry, I climbed up to the wheelhouse deck, and I saw many birds, they might have been petrels, we saw some bobbing penguins, and a few black and white Dolphins. The ferry ride was short, and we got back on the bus. Tierra del Fuego! Finally! Also let me comment on how boring the Patagonia looked from the bus. It was the same all the way from las grutas and now even on Tierra del Fuego it is still boring. However, now there is coast and I can see many sheep on the side of the road! I even saw some Guanacos! (a llama relative)

Once we got to Rio Grande, we were beat and headed to the grocery store, and then to a hostel to camp in their backyard, This town is set on the mouth of the a river, and the coast, While it is flat, the people have spent a lot of time making the town look nice. There are lots of planters with flowers, and many arty decorations on either side of the main drag. It is also windy here, and all the trees have windblocks, and they haven’t been able to grow away from behind the windblock, They look rather funny.

In our hostel, which at first seemed empty, 3 more Israelis showed up and we immediately became friends. They are on a 1 ½ month trip around argentina and just got back from El Calafate. We got to talking, and then the barbeque got lit up, and we pulled out some blood sausages we bought at the grocery store and we all shared the meat they bought, with our sausages and bread. The Israelis are in their early 30s, and one of them has been traveling for 10 years. We shared many travel stories, and stayed up later then we should have.

This morning, we are washing our clothes and we are getting ready to head into Ushuaia. Once there we will settle in for a few days to walk off the 30 hours on busses!

Answering some comments: Yes, the distance between Las Grutas and Ushuaia is very large. It took us 31 hours to get to Tierra del Fuego, where we are now, in Rio Grande. Las Grutas is called “the caves” because it has many sea caves along the beach, we took a lot of pictures, and some came out pretty good! Tierra del Fuego differs from ¨Patagonia because of the straight of Magellan, which we crossed on a ferry, Tierra Del Fuego is an Island archipelago at the bottom of South America. We are super excited to hear everyone and what you all are doing!



Am soooooo excited to hear you made it there, but a long bus ride, huh? Oh well...Tyler has had 3 flat tires on his bike in 3 days...that kid! Are you all warm enough there? Can't wait to see the pics.

I'm just trying to plan my move so it works out near perfect...ha!ha! back to the credentialing process and waiting on the system. I think Kaiser will be an easier system than the last one:-).

Isis is doing well, she is becoming quite the guard dog. I put one of those exercise balls out from behind my clothes and she FREAKED!!!! She barked and barked, I moved it downstairs and when she saw it there, the barking started again...she had a little mohawk even! We had to hide it:-)

I still want to understand the buses there...food? How big are they? Movies?

What is it like to cross the Strait of Magellan? I've always studied it, but never thought about going acrss it!! You all...I'm so excited and proud! Lots of love, Julie and Isis

  Mom Julie Jan 15, 2009 4:01 AM


Most of my friends think we should be living your life!
Great to hear you finally made it. And I have to say It's great hearing from Julie! So glad Corey joined you so that will be a regular. Julie, did you ever get the info that a tablespoon of camomille tea before a car trip cures car sickness for dogs! I have been working quite a lot and I have a learning opportunity in woodworking and how to use saws and stuff. VERY fun. I am helping a friend build a casket for his father. A simple pine box with a sunset in wood and copper on the side.( my art expertise) An old door for the lid. It is quite fun and really quite pretty. Stirrups for handles!
Keep in touch, have fun, welcome Corey!!
Love Lucy

  Lucy Jan 15, 2009 11:30 AM


I guess you have now been further south than I ever have been, which is Cape Agulhas (southern most tip of South Africa). It was an extremely windy place.
It looks like the weather down in Ushuaia is not that great mid 40's with rain. Dress warmly, Be Safe.

  Daddy Peter Jan 16, 2009 4:26 AM


I t appears to me on my globe that the very most southern place in South Africa is actually a bit north of even Australia...and actually Buenos Aires is even further south than anywhere in Africa...and where these kids are now is way way further south than that..surprisingly is that the very southern part of South Africa is actually near the 45th parallel. Boise is pretty much on the same paralell north as is Connecticut!

  JIM DUNN Jan 17, 2009 1:35 PM


Correction..actually South Africa is way north of the 45th

  JIM DUNN Jan 17, 2009 1:40 PM


I cannot even understand how it would feel to travel that long on a bus.
I am now, also feeling a bit stupid re; geography . After reading the comments and the wonderful blog, I am going to be more determined to look at more maps, my globe and learn more about this great world of ours. You two are an inspiration and like I shared before,
I am living through you vicariously but also making a plan to travel soon.
Keep up the great writing and I also will add "be safe!" How good for you two that you are like that saying"never met a stranger." It amazes me that so many young people travel so much.
Love, Aunt Pat
Be sure and invite Cory to "the lots!"

  Pat Dunn Perry Jan 17, 2009 3:41 PM

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