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The Thai Blind Massage Experience

THAILAND | Wednesday, 23 December 2009 | Views [6967] | Comments [6]

We asked a local where the best place to get a massage in Chiang Mai is, and the answer was: “The Thai Blind Massage Center”. We decided to give it a try, since locals know best. What we got was an experience! I’ve been to several weirdo massage/ nail parlors before… like in San Francisco, me and my mom went to get pedicures in a place with birds flying around inside, a cranky Chinese lady screaming at the poor girl getting waxed behind closed doors, and getting told to wrap our freshly painted nails in saran wrap and put them in the microwave to dry! The Thai massage parlor was another one of those “what am I doing in here???” experiences. But the feeling to run came after it was too late! Our masseurs were led into the communal massage room by hand, since they were blind. Phil’s guy was wearing arm sleeves with bears on them, and my guy was dressed in a sweatshirt, though the room was hot as hell! The room reminded me of a crusty make-shift hospital room in a third world country war zone, with people on every available bed, within plain view of each other. Every 2 beds had a curtain, which was what made me think hospital, but nobody closed them. Beside me was a lady who was getting massaged so hard and viciously, that she kept GROANING. Really loud. Sounds of agony from the bed beside me. This didn’t start until about 20 minutes into my massage. but it went all the way through the rest of the hour. She sounded like a porno video. On our right, was a lady who was BURPING repeatedly, really, really loud. Think Homer Simpson beer burps! My guy was a strong handed super man who gave me a work over. He spoke no English, so my pleas for him to lighten his pressure went unheeded. I was crying out loud, and banging on the bed, like a wrestler who gets pinned into submission! I almost cried at one point when he was pulling my legs into places they don’t go! I don’t understand why Thai massage is so popular. It hurts. Its not relaxing. And the massage therapists seem to be out to kill. I’ve had 2 of them, and I’m never getting another. My Blind Thai massage came with multiple bruises the next day. A nice souvenir of the unforgettable experience!

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Hi, Thai massages are great! It is sore at first because your body is stiff and it needs the work but later you feel much better.

  Maori'nasia Feb 21, 2010 7:57 AM


Your review was hilarious, great writing I could just visualize it all!

  vickie Oct 10, 2010 7:54 AM


Thai massages are very good, it is true that massage therapy is painful as any massage you have to undo contractures, but two days later you feel like new.
It is also true that the place is not fashion ... but the masseurs are very good, and for me was an great and unforgetable experience. Ah! I was behind a curtain because he received a massage oil.

  Mai Dec 31, 2012 4:47 AM


Witch place blind massage in hat yai? @ songka @ southern thailand?

  singora Jan 27, 2013 2:57 AM


A lot of what Carrie say about the Blind Massage place is true. Yes it's a very
informal communal place, where you will hear other people groaning, and if
you have areas that really need help, you will need to accept some pain to get
That said this is SO much better than normal Swedish massage, and the people
at the Blind Massage place are really good. Had two massages there and had
a HUGE improvement in my walking and in my back. I'm 65 so maybe I'm
willing to endure the pain to get improvement, but unless you're too shy about
having pain, I HIGHLY recommend this place in Chiang Mai!

  Paul Feb 5, 2014 4:24 PM


If this was Thai Massage Conservation Club, I have to agree at the ridiculousness of their technique. I have had at least 50 Thai massage sessions, mostly two hour sessions. In forty years of massage of all varieties, I have never walked out on a session. Until I went here. The first hour I stated clearly, 5-6 times to work softer. He would soften his touch for 10-15 seconds and then go back to his standard practice. When I walked out half way through the session, there was another man who had stated the same problem with his masseur. If you're not prepared for torture, don't go here. You might check out Green Bamboo Massage for a quality, traditional, light touch, experience.

  Graham Feb 29, 2016 8:45 PM



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