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Weird Stuff I've Eaten on This Trip

USA | Wednesday, 1 April 2009 | Views [1994]

The Philippines:

Sisig- Fried pig's ears with onions and seasoning. Fatty, crunchy, flavorful combo. YUM!

Chocolate carabao milk- This was quite possibly the best chocolate milk I've had in my whole life! It had chunks of cream floating in it, and was served ice cold from a roadside stand on the way from Tagaytay. the carabao is a smaller, grey colored, horned version of a cow.

Sex in the City cupcakes- Yes, this is in my weird food section for the Philippines, b/c it was a slice of New York's Magnolia Bakery (the owner went to NYC and learned the recipes) in Manila.

Little fried fish heads for breakfast. With garlic fried rice and eggs. Yum!

Balut! An egg with a 1/2 developed chicken fetus inside. You can see the lil wings, beak, face, etc. And you eat the whole thing. And slurp up the sauce.


Stir fried long skinny green shellfish (kinda like clams) fried with garlic, tamarind fruits, a chilis. Dipping sauce: pepper, calamansit (mini limes)and more chilis. YUM! So good, I ate it 2 nights in a row!

An empanada shell stuffed with chunky wild rice and a quail egg. Covered in sweet and spicy sauce. I asked the vendor what was inside, and she told me, "ham"!

Baguettes with pate, egg, cheese spread, fish sauce, spicy sauce, pickled veggies, tomato, and mayo.

Quail eggs. No big deal.

Frogs legs. Battered and fried in butter. Sounds like it would be good, but they were gross. Like taking a chomp out of Swamp Thing’s thigh! They tasted like old fish. Or chewy chicken. Really swampy and muddy. Maybe I’m paranoid b/c I saw the hopping around at the markets, live earlier today or maybe I just think the Mekong is gross… ugh. I fed them to a stray dog. And funny enough, he didn’t eat the whole thing!

I ate a fish out of the Mekong during a “homestay“ adventure... It was kinda gross. It had a lump over its head, like it had a huge brain, and tasted really earthy. Ick! I used it to make fresh hand rolls with rice paper, so the cucumber, tomato, rice noodles and lettuce saved it. But the fish was “fishy”.


Fried maggots from a street vendor. Tasted like paper for some reason.

Mystery meatballs. Popular street food on a stick. Who knows what's in it, but its got to be worse than hot dogs.


Irish breakfast. Yes, this was weird because Irish sausages, rashers, black pudding and fried tomatoes are hard to find anywhere else in the world!


Appum- a golden buttery fried pancake thats crispy around the edge, then soft and spongey in the middle, which you dip in coconut milk. Delish!

Banana leaf cuisine. All you can eat curries, veggies and other delights. Served on a large banana leaf as a plate and eaten with your fingers. I would kill to have a restaurant like this near home!

Oyster omelette. An omelette with juicy oysters and green onions in the middle. The best eggs ever! Too bad nowhere else on earth seems to make it.

A fish eyeball. It was squishy on the outside, quite tasty, but had a surprise in the middle. A hard white ball!

BBQ Chicken Butt. Fatty, but yummy.


Kangaroo. yup.

Vegemite- one of the popular Aussie foods that the locals adore and nobody else knows why. Concentrated yeast extract. It reminds me of Natto in Japan.


Cobra. Satay sticks. Chewy and not very good. I felt sick afterwards. Apparently, you really aren't supposed to eat it BBQ'd because it doesn't fully cook off the poison!

Durian. Tasted like smoked fart custard. Good, in a raunchy, greasy way!

Hairy tongue, tripe and cow intestines. It was hidden at the bottom of my soup bowl! ewwwww!!!!!

Chicken intestines. I thought it was something else at first. I only took 2 bites. Gross.


I drank a shot of whiskey with a dead poisonous snake inside. Ick!

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