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The Plunge... I think I would have more regrets NOT doing this trip, than I will by taking this plunge! Ready, set, GO...

Jakarta, yes 1 night is really enough time!

USA | Tuesday, 6 April 2010 | Views [1795]

I went to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia for 2 days. It has really crazy traffic, its dirty and the sidewalks are so messed up. You can’t just walk, they are smashed apart and there’s holes in them with open sewage flowing underneath, so I had to watch out like crazy while walking. I took the bus all over and saw as much as I could, which was pretty much nothing! I went to Kota, the old part of town and went to a museum- of an old bank! Give me a break, do I really want to see old bank books and telephones and registers? Pssssh. The ceramics and art museum was also lame. I spent 10 minutes in there, wondering where they hid all the real art!

I added 2 more things to my list of bizarre foods while in Jakarta. I ate durian fruit, the really stinky one that people either love or hate. I think I would describe it as “Smoked Fart Custard”. Lol. It was really soft, but not so stinky. I don’t know what the big deal is.

After I ate durian fruit, guess what I ate? Cobra! Seriously….. They had live cobras in a cage, and they had the meat skewered and made BBQ satay sticks with it dipped in peanut sauce. It was chewy, and not so good, I don’t know if it was mental or the traces of venom, but after I ate it, I felt sick. Dizzy and gross. But I’m ok now. Yeah, so that was my latest weird food experience. The woman at the stand showed us her wrist, which was scarred and discolored from a poisonous bite she got from her lively-hood.

I realize this blog is long and detailed and is more of a journal than a quick highlight of Indonesia, but its fun for me to recap the experience and have something to remember it by. Its also my way of filling Phil in on my adventures while he’s in boot camp. I miss him lots and can only write letters to him, so this is a good way to tell him about the adventures of Asia in a way that he can hopefully almost picture.

Next blog will be from Manila, round 2! Can’t wait!!!! Thanks for reading!

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