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The funniest flight ever- Palawan to Manila

PHILIPPINES | Wednesday, 2 December 2009 | Views [1567]

So, the standard safety video is actually a live enactment on Cebu Pacific. One "lucky" flight attendant has to stand up in front of everyone and act out, with props, how to buckle a seat belt, how to wear a life vest, etc.

The woman who did the safety briefing on our flight from Palawan to Manila seemed a bit shy when she stepped up to do the presentation. She got to the part where she had to put on a seat belt, and the passengers, and her were both kind of uncomfortable with such basic, no brains instructions. Insert buckle and pull the strap to tighten, like so.

Next, the life jacket. A bright yellow monstrosity. Complete with bright orange inflatable blow tubes sticking up to her ears. Next, the air mask. A bright yellow cup that goes over the nose and mouth with plastic baggie hanging down. The yellow cup looked like a cheap pig mask a kid with no money would wear on Halloween. She put it on, in addition to the life jacket. She looked like a bizarre yellow bootleg piglet.

And then, she lost it... she started giggling at the ridiculousness of the situation. A full demonstration on how not to die in the air, wearing a life vest, seat belt, and air mask for a crowd that already knows the drill was just too much. For us all. When she started cracking up, the passengers in the first few rows (including myself) noticed, and started giggling. This made her burst out laughing really hard!

The laughter carried from the front of the plane in a wave all the way to the back of the plane. The entire passengers and now the whole crew, especially Ms. Demo were laughing our asses off. Side splitting laughter, as we taxied down the runway!!!!

It was the weirdest, funniest thing to happen on a plane. And it happened in the Philippines. A place that I love ad hold dear to my heart, because the people are so friendly, carefree and fun as hell. Even while flying.

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