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Random Sights in Saigon

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 2 December 2009 | Views [878]

Here's some random and amazing sights I came across in Saigon:

I walked into Sheseido, a really expensive skin care store, which sells face wash for $50 US, and the make-up lady is picking her nose. DIGGING for treasure. For about 30 seconds while I watched. I don't think nose picking is considered embarrassing here.

I saw a kid's picture titled, "My Mother's Pudding Load".

I had a man follow me for 1 city block, touching my arm with a cold coconut while carrying 2 large coolers of drinks and coconuts on his shoulders with a pole and strings.

I saw a rat tail (I'm convinced that's what it was...) for sale in an outdoor meat market. It sat among hearts, hairy tongues, and other intestines buzzing with flies. When I stopped to admire it, an old man crept up from beside me like a crab and started pinching my arm. A day later, I realized, he was testing to see how fat I am... so he can display me among the other meats! Hilarious!!!

I saw a family of 5 on a moped. 5 is unusual. 4 is quite common. Babies either sit in a high chair at the feet of their parents, or sandwiched on the seat between. Sometimes, they wear a thin net around their head. They don't make helmets that small. If only 1 parent is driving, the baby somehow knows to hang onto the handlebars of the moped and stay put. These kids can't be more than a year and a half. Amazinng.

I think the language barrier in Vietnam creates a very intricate and elaborate interpretive song and dance....

I saw a 4 year old girl walk down the street by herself at 3:30 am. Luckily, she climbed the stairs to what I hope was her house.

I saw a woman with a food stand on the back of a moped. Mobile food!

I saw a woman with a food stand that fit on top of a stool. And she sat on a brick.

I saw a woman sleeping in her make-up stall on the gound at a busy marketplace.

I saw many guys sleeping on their mopeds. Laying on the seat with their legs on the handlebars.

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